Feb 10

Great Report–Lonnie Davis–TMCI Missionary in Canada

Work with Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims–I have been meeting with different church pastors/mission directors since the beginning of the year to promote the Bridges course–this will continue throughout the coming months.
Food pick-up and distribution to local shelters and low income families
Ministering to our Chinese neighbors


For God bringing the mission field to Canada–the influx of refugees is making the fields a lot whiter.
For the Lord’s financial supply in spite of the cost of living having risen in the last couple of months–He never fails!

For how the Lord is prospering CNMM–adding more workers, opening more doors for ministry, etc.

Prayer Requests

For open doors in the local churches to both introduce the “Bridges-Christians Connecting with Muslims” course as well as receptivity to the course so it can be run in as many churches as possible.
That the Lord will anoint and enhance the efforts of the CNMM network so its members can help to equip the churches in Canada to reach the ever growing Muslim population

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