Feb 05

Latin America Summit in Medellin Columbia-70 Leader from 17 Nations

NOTE:  Our own Presbyter,  Jim Reyes is in next to last row, near center.
In Session Now:
The Latin America Summit in Medellín, Colombia, where 70 leaders from 17 nations are creating a 5-year strategic plan to impact the world for Christ!

Tony Vaszquez and Juan Bravo opened the summit proclaiming, “Now is the appointed hour for Latin America to take a larger role in spreading the Gospel in her own nations and around the world!

The Latin America Team is committed to fulfilling their role in ILI’s 100 Nations Initiative. Follow our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ILITeam) for real time updates from the leadership team there this week,Latin America Summit including Wes and Joy Grififn, Norival and Cristina Trindade, Tony and Brenda Vasquez, and Juan and Adriana Bravo.

Will you pray for these leaders as they finalize their strategic plans to impact all of Latin America? Sign up to pray with us in the Dare to Ask prayer campaign (www.ILITeam.org/daretoask) to receive weekly updates on ILI’s 100 Nations Initiative.

Until all worship,
Wes and Joy Griffin

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