Feb 05

Another report from Rick, Maricruz and Danny In Mexico

Dear Friends,

The Bible tells us to mourn with those who mourn. We were asked if we would attend a funeral for a friend of Maricruz. Of course we attended the funeral. When we walked in the room it was heavy with grieving. We consoled the family with love. We asked if we could share a message with everyone. Mari’s brother Alfredo shared a message of hope. 7 family members received the Lord and the Holy Spirit filled the room with Amazing Peace. We went from mourning to rejoicing.

We are in the planing process of our next March of Glory and Healing Crusade in VallaDolid March 26th. Some amazing things happened in our last meeting with the pastors who want to be part of our events. We were asked to hold our Pastors meeting in a University. We made lots of plans and made an agenda for each pastor to work on. When we finished we prayed for the Mayan pastors. As we prayed the Holy Spirit filled the room and moved mightily on every one there. It was a shock to many of the pastors to have such an experience with God.

After the Pastors meeting we were giving a tour of the university. We were asked to have a meeting for the students. We quickly agreed and are now making the plans for this event. We were also told we could use the auditorium any time we want free of charge. The option to start a class in the University was also given to us.

As we talked with the Director of the University Maricruz’s Radio Ministry came up. We have tried to get on the air with the Christian Radio station in Cancun but they didn’t want the Holy Spirit on the air. The Director told us that a new Christian Radio Station just opened in Cancun and He was happy to get us in touch with the Manager there.

When we got Back to Cancun we called the Manager at the new Christian Radio Station. We were so blessed  by the Managers offer. We have another Radio program to add to our ministry. We have every Monday and Friday Mornings for an hour to share the Love of Jesus with Cancun. The Manager is only charging us $100 a Month. That’s what the other Radio Station charges for an hour.

God is Good and we look forward to all the new opportunities to serve Him.

God Bless each of you.

Serving The King

Rick, Maricruz and Danny Szymanski

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