Jan 25

Great Report from Mission to the Children, Troy and Imelda Guild

Mission to the Children

“Changing Our World One Life at a Time”

Once again we were able to pay Christmas bonuses to our workers. Thanks to your support we sent almost a thousand dollars in bonuses to the workers in the orphanages.

This year we also sent a bonus to Pastor Nahum. Pastor Nahum works such long hours, and he so freely gives of his time and money to help others. It is amazing how many things he does in a day.

The boys had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed many Christmas parties. Many local business gave parties for them; The Mexican community is so giving and at Christmas many people remember the orphanages.

Julio and Adrianna said the boys are all doing well. They really enjoy playing soccer, and several of the boys are pretty good. They will play anywhere, and any time they can.

Also, Imelda is taking a mission team to the orphanages the week before Easter.

Special Needs:

She is looking for sponsors to help take the boys to the beach ($200). She also needs help buying shoes for all the boys and workers (19 pair @ $50 ea.). Also she will be taking the girls orphanage to buy panties and bras (13 girls @ $100 ea.). If you or your church would like to help out please designate your donation. If you know of any church or individual who might be interested please let me know (troyimel@juno.com), and I would be happy to send them a letter or give them a call.

Thank you all so much for your generous support.

Please pray for Imelda and her mission trip. Imelda, Sammy and Josh are really excited about this mission trip. Sammy will be leading so of the devotions in the orphanage and Imelda and I are so proud of him and Josh.

Please make Checks to Mission to The Children,  PO BX 211322, Bedford, TX 76095

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