Jan 22

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary in Dominican Republic

Leandro Escalante, TMCI missionary in Dominican Republic

Totals for the Month

# ministered to 400
# saved 5

Monthly Report Summary

December was full of regular activity along with special parties and celebrations of Christ’s birth in the Cell Group, Timothy Club & School, and a special yearly Talent Offering on New Years’ Eve.


Praise the Lord that in December as we celebrated Christ with all of the at-risk children we serve through the Timothy Project and another school that the Lord provided presents for each of these more than 100 children, food and other goodies to bless them with. They were able to see God’s love manifested in a physical way.


Prayer request:

We are in the middle of a war. It’s not a physical war, but spiritual. Our church here in the Dominican Republic is committed to serving at-risk youth and this week one of these young people who is now an adult and has not been walking with the Lord has been arrested for confessing to murder. Please join us in praying that God’s mercy would reach his life and that he may surrender to the Lord wholeheartedly and that God’s protection would be over his physical life. Pray for the church in this time, that we would continue to press into the Lord to fight all of our battles thru Him.


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