Jan 07

Another Amazing Report from Rick, Maricruz and Danny Szymanski

Dear Friends,

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you. This new year holds excitement for all of us who looks for it. December was full of excitement for Maricruz Danny and I. We were able to bring hundreds of people to Jesus during our Christmas outreach events.

We first help a healing meeting in Valladolid. Maricruz was just amazing as usual. It seems like her Anointing for Evangelism just keeps growing. Maricruz has also stepped into a Healing Anointing that has surprised me. Every single person that was sick in this meeting was healed in Jesus name. It seems to me that I have only been in a few meetings where every one was healed. I hope to see more meeting like this one.

Our next event was in Santa Cruz. I love this small town located in the middle of the Jungle. We have ministered in Santa Cruz for many years. Most of the Mayans in Santa Cruz are now Christian. We hope to bring the whole Town to Jesus one event at a time. We started with gathering the Town’s children in the City square. We played games and sang to Jesus for His Birthday. Maricruz talked to the Mayans about the Love of Jesus for them and asked if any one would like to receive His Love? Many of the children and towns people repeated a prayer as they received the Love of Jesus and repented of their sins. We later gave toys and goodies to hundreds of Mayan children. What a beautiful time it was. Our events are always open for people who would like to join us.

We then drove around the town looking for the Widows who live there. We had prepared food boxes for Christmas to give them. You never know what will happen when you enter one of these stick huts. Every hut we enter has its own story to tell. One widow well into her 90’s was just sent home from the hospital to die. We prayed with her to receive Jesus and then prayed for God to heal her and He did. She got up and began to jump around the Hut. Several other Widows received Jesus as well as their families who were with them.

Our next event took us to the Mayan City of X-Can. This is another City I love to minister in. Nearly a thousand Mayans have received the Lord here over the years as we have minister to them. We brought food boxes for the Widows and lots of toys and goodies for the children. We started our time driving the dirt roads in the Jungle looking for the Huts where the Widows live. On our way to the first Widows house we stopped on the side of the road. There was a group of Catholics walking down the road singing. Maricruz quickly jumped out of the van and started to share the love of Jesus with them. 42 Mayans gave their hearts to Jesus in the middle of that dirt road.

That was only our first stop. The whole day went like this. We would stop at a Widows house and the whole Family would receive Jesus. We would stop on the side of the road and Maricruz would jump out of the van and another Family would get saved. We stopped about 50 times and each stop was filled with Mayans giving their Hearts to Jesus. Every Hut that we enter we pray for every one in it. Many people get saved some get healed and a box of food is given to the Widow.

Then there were the toys and goodies. We would make special stops where we would see children. We always pray for them and then give them a gift. Before you can blink kids would be running down the dirt road as fast as they can to get a gift. Every stop for the Children was the same, Kids running down the road yelling to the other Children to run and get a gift. What fun we had serving the Lord.

Remember I said you never know what to expect when you enter a Widows hut? Maricruz felt the Lord tell her that there was a widow who was in dire need and asked a pastor about who she might be. He knew of one and we found her house. This was our last stop. This little old Mayan Widow was 110 years old. She was left alone and could do little to care for herself. This was the most filthy house any of us has ever seen. I don’t want to gross any one out but for an idea of how bad it was we had to use shovels to clean the floor of he human waste. We went to the store and bought bleach and cleaning supplies. We covered the whole inside of the house from ceiling to floor with bleach and went cleaning from there. Just another expression of the Father’s Love for His Widows. The Widow did receive Jesus as her Savior.

Thank You to all of you who helped us make this possible. Jesus Loves You!!!!

Blessing to You

Rick, Maricruz, and Danny Szymanski

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