Dec 30

Jan Beaderstadt- Bangladesh and Nepal


jan bederstadt1The Children’s Program in Chuknagar had over 300 children with adults on Dec. 19. Pastor Jan was working with Rev. Newton Munshi of Redeemer Baptist Mission which sponsors schools and churches in this part of Bangladesh near Khulna. It was our first time working with this ministry.

Pastor Jan in Bangladesh in December-

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt has been working in Bangladesh during the month of December where he has been renewing old acquaintances, conducting seminars and working to develop new ministry there.
While the work remains strong in Nepal, the two countries are very close geographically. (It is only 75 minutes by air from Kathmandu to Dhaka).
While in the country, Pastor Jan got to meet with Rev. Gosto Sarker as well as Rev. Newton Sarkar and to work with their ministries.
Bangladesh since his last visit in 2013 has shown some increased prosperity. The government here claims that poverty will be eliminated by 2018 and the people here will be a “middle income” country. While that may be a push, it certainly is looking more prosperous over these last few years, especially in the city areas. The rural areas do continue to remain impoverished, lagging behind the economic growth.
Seminars were taught in Jessore as well as a children’s program Dec. 19 with over 300 children and adults present near Chuknagar.
Much of the time was spent in meetings with various ministries. There was also time to renew old friendships with Fr. Luiti Paggi at his Munda Mission next to the Sundarban as well as to have lunch with Fr. Lawrence Valoti at the Satkhira mission. Pastor Jan also spent a few days in Khulna, visiting the bishop.

Blanket project
The blanket project for Tenchet Village in Nepal is how completed, having raised money to buy thick warm blankets for the people there.
Tenchet is a Christian village in Dhading District that was totally destroyed by the twin earthquakes of 2015 as well as the landslide that was triggered by the May 12th earthquake.
Donors from around the world assisted, including from Italy and Singapore.
Blankets are now being distributed as Nepal is experiencing a very cold winter this year. More on the distribution of blankets in upcoming issues.

Other Renaissance News
Fire burns board member’s home. As of press time, we were saddened to learn that Board Member Cyndi Kulhman’s home in Grand Rapids burned. Cyndi had been in Florida taking care of her mother at the time. As of right now, we have no furgther details. We do request prayers for Cyndi during this time.

Indian Embargo still a problem for Nepal. It has been over three months since India closed the Nepal border in the unofficial blockade. This continues to create all kinds of terrible shortages in the country, which includeds cooking gas, petrol, medicine and other supplies. With this year’s very cold winter, there is now no heat in any home thanks to this hardship. Please pray for the people of Nepal.

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