Dec 30

Hope Ireland Missions, Chris & Larena Johnston – TMCI Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

Dec 2015
Looking Back / Here’s to 2016!

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas & are dreaming big for your New Year! At this time of year, we look back with thankfulness at the things God’s done in 2015, & we wanted to share some highlights!
In January, we had 3 youth give their hearts to Jesus, & 7 re-dedications. What a start!! We also had a major prayer request answered; we found our new home, which is warm & mold free. It’s more than able to host our young adults group of at least 12-15 every Thursday night. We changed our small groups from being a couple hours long with snacks, to 5hrs long with a meal & much more time for fellowship & prayer. We’ve seen the Lord do amazing things in the lives of these young adults this year! One of the nights, we prayed with 3 of our young adults, who wanted the gift of the Holy Spirit. What an honor!
In February, we went with our youth group, & many adults to hand out blankets & hot drinks to the homeless on the streets of Galway. We had many encounters with people in need. We sought to bless them, & share the love of Jesus with these less fortunate in our community.
In the Spring, we presented the vision of the new TORCH youth service to be held in the downstairs sanctuary on Friday nights. We then worked towards changing & painting the downstairs youth room with our first intern of the year, Steph Gagnon.
In the Summer, we kicked it into high gear, utilizing all of our interns. We had Abbie Sawczak from Living Hope Church. She helped us develop our worship team for our new youth services. She also brought with her the funds which gave us the ability to paint the entire church starting with the sanctuary.
In July, we had Cheynne Lehto & Shawn Harmon with us to help with the painting project. It was amazing to see the transformation, and how the church responded so enthusiastically! Right after that, we went off to PULSE youth camp, where we had about 300 youth involved in a week of worship & fellowship. There were over 50 youth that gave their hearts to Jesus the first night! Praise God! After camp, we started really pursuing the final link for the new youth service, developing our young adult leaders. We were thrilled to have 15 leaders that the Lord raised up from our young adults group!
In August, we launched the new TORCH service with worship, dynamic teachings & of course loads of fun games. It was at that time that our final intern Heather Murrell was with us, helping us with on-going painting projects & the new service! The new service also opened the doors for Chris to start speaking more often on Sunday mornings. He has had many more opportunities to speak at GCF East & West, & a college CU group at the National University, also. It’s been amazing watching him develop that gifting.
In October, we met up with Living Hope Church, for a missions retreat in Rouen France, where they gave us a week of rest, & peace, blessing us beyond words! It was a wonderful time of fellowship, & couldn’t have come at a better time, as we were really homesick for family & loved ones from back home.
Of course our visa situation has kept us here in Europe, as we had planned a visit back to Chicago for November. We were very heartsick that we were unable to make it back, as we wanted so badly to connect with family. This trip helped heal much of the ache & encouraged us in many ways. After returning from France, we had the opportunity to see over 150 youth give their hearts to Jesus at Mini Pulse where over 400 youth attended! We also had one of our youth experience the Holy Spirit for the first time in worship during TORCH & we’ve watched many of our youth & young adults blossom this year. Chris also baptized 5 of our youth, and 4 of our young adults! Praise God!!We’ve been so humbled to see the Lord’s fruit in so many lives here.
Our final big event of the year was going to Limerick with 22 of our youth & leaders to a Christmas party at Abundant Life Church’s youth group. It’s been an amazing year, where God has done so much more than a short newsletter could explain.
However, the most humbling of it all, is that the Lord works on the hearts of you, to help us do this work! Just last week a woman from the church was speaking to me, about our visa situation. She mentioned that she’s seen many youth leaders come & go at GCF over the past 30 years, & she’s never seen such an anointing, or the amount of fruit. Praise God! She was encouraging me, that she believes the Lord will open the doors for us. We believe it too. Our hearts couldn’t bear the thought of leaving these individuals, as we see this as such a gift, to see the Lord do these things in their lives…none of this is possible without those of you who support us! You have a part in all this fruit that we’ve seen in 2015!
Words can never, ever thank you enough-but as you know, the Lord will be able to reward all of ye for you faithfulness!! We love you, we thank you, we honor you, for helping make all this possible! Here’s to 2016! Happy New Year! ~Larena

Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

-Please pray we will hear back with the YES we are praying for, from Immigration. We are weary of waiting almost a year, for the approval to stay & continue this work.
-Please pray for favor, for a miracle, for them to mail us that approval!
– Please pray the Lord will direct us, & lead us as we fast & pray for His vision & His desire for what He wants us to accomplish in 2016. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use us, with every person we connect with. May His will be done!
-Please pray, as we are almost at our goal for our 2016 budget! We are praying for 4 more monthly $25 donors.

Support Information

If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:
Hope Ireland Missions 229 W. Exchange St Crete, IL 60417
(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)

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