Dec 08

Hannah Hunter, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Number ministered to: 200
Number saved: 3

Continuing to prepare those I am mentoring to take over while I spend a longer period in Kenya.
My oldest sister stepped up to help me with adm. work and connections.
Dan and I are working on putting a business in place in Kenya to sustain team there.
We paid respects at Dan’s mum grave. I got to see a little girl recovered after I treated her for whooping cough.
Got to teach with some amazing men of GOD from Kitale, Homa Bay, Nairobi, and Naruki.
Got to encourage and spend time with my boys from Rongo U where violence had been.
There was rain and mud everywhere. Roads like ice. Rolled up pant legs and hiked all over. Could not get to some of our locations because of treacherous roads.
With rains come increase of malaria. Dan’s 18 month old daughter, Isabella, became very ill with it. I put out a plea for micro nutrients costing $600 to take. In 5 days I had more than enough. I was able to hand out these life saving supplements first to orphans, widows, and the vulnerable. I also took over $300 worth of scented soaps for them- Their request. We also gathered over 300 pairs of warm socks. Thanks to David Plessey for the idea. Most went to the prisoners. With road conditions we were unable to get to them. The Kenyan team will go and give out. They also will do feet washing with the men. Samaritan’s Feet donated them. This is a ministry Thelma from CWA made contact with.
They brought me a little boy who all his life had horrible nightmares which disrupted the whole house. I could see the weariness and angst on the parents face. I anointed him, did a deliverance, and gave his parents some instructions. He slept in perfect peace. His father came the next night with a big grin. I blessed the whole family.
I did a lot of anointing and blessing of marriages and purity.
The night before I left for Kenya GOD led me down an aisle to pray for a woman. She was born in Nairobi. Her heart was crying for more intimacy. Right in aisle 23 we had an infilling of the Holy Spirit. She had got out $50 in cash not understanding why. She gave to me to give to my people in Kenya.
I also had a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. This was happening as Paris was under terrorist attack. I pulled out my oil and had a healing service. A couple from NY had lost their way with GOD. Another woman just lost her husband after working so hard so they could take it easy for retirement. She did not know what to do with her life. A young man who was gorgeous- (If I was 25 again :). He was just returning from mission in Ghana. Something touched deep in his spirit. A young med student headed to Kisumu. A Somali headed for USA. A Phd from Nigeria working Dept. of Agriculture in Nairobi.
I arrived home in time to have Thanksgiving with my American sons.


One of my leader’s just had a baby girl yesterday Hailey Nichole.
My youngest son is starting to be able to walk. He is pushing to get stronger each day.
This year I will be in USA with my three American sons for the holidays.
Dan and Christina now have 11 people in their 2 bedroom house. We were able to give them a night in a hotel. They also went as a couple with me to Nairobi. She had never seen the airport or a jet. We spent an afternoon in Amani Gardens where we met another dear American missionary. They got genuine American food, browsed a library, played a piano- not a keyboard, and got to swing on a tree swing.

Personal finances are so tight. Middle son moved out. The youngest is still on disability. They keep messing up the disability. My oldest son is carrying school debt. I personally live on Social Security.

Pray as I am to go back for about a year. Also Bishop Bawa is working in medical clinics in Zimbabwe in March. It is daunting to the flesh, but GOD is in charge. Pray all resources, people, and things come together for HIS purposes

Prayer Requests:

One of my mentorees went on a binge while I was in Kenya. Her body is suffering from toxic amounts of alcohol. Another heroin addict lost her mom just yesterday. She is now an orphan at 22. Their names are Karleen, and Tina.

We are praying for a van for missions in Kenya. Also can rent as taxi when not in use to generate income. On the death of Dan’s mum he has 9 children in his home ages 18 months to 19years. He is only 28.

Also a business to generate income for the team and his family. They live in a two bedroom house with 11 people.

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