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Dear Friends,
God’s blessings to you! As we near Christmas we want to
wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We
thank God for His incredible gift to mankind in sending His
only Son, Jesus, to live among us. His death and resurrection
has paid the price for our sins providing us with everlasting
life and the blessings of being His beloved child.
kevin rI was blessed to see many people and to speak in many different churches while in Minnesota. I was also rejuvenated and ready to get back to Mexico to continue spreading God’s Word. It is amazing what a couple of months in peaceful, rural Minnesota can do to renew a person emotionally and physically!! It has been great to spend a couple of weeks with my family as we were separated for three months while I wasin Minnesota.

We look forward to December when we start our Christmas
outreaches. December 1-8th our GCOM Mexico director,
Isabel, Pastor Hector Franco from Morris, MN, and I will be
in the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz in the mountains of south
Mexico. We will be holding several children’s outreaches,
two pastor’s conferences and two DVD Bible College
graduations where one hundred and ten students will graduate.
Dec.9th – 14th several friends of GCOM will minister with me
in Nuevo Laredo. We will conduct children’s outreaches and a
Bible College graduation with fifty students graduating. We
will travel to Monterrey and Saltillo from Dec. 15th – 21st and
again conduct children’s outreaches and a Bible College
graduation for fifty students.

Please pray that God will use the outreaches mightily and that
all the graduating students will be used mightily by God to
reach the lost. If you want to help towards the Christmas
outreaches by donating towards the purchase of toys or
blankets, it will be a blessing as we will minister to 2,000 –
5,000 people of all ages during the Christmas outreaches.

A new DVD Bible College in Islamabad, Pakistan was started
this fall and has over twenty students. Please pray protection
over Pastor Azhar Farmaish, our Pakistani director, and all of
the students attending the school. Just recently Pastor Azhar
was attacked at work by a fellow Muslim worker who wanted
to kill him but the Lord helped him to fight the attacker off.
Praise God for his faithfulness!

GCOM has started two new DVD Bible Colleges in Kenya,
Africa. One school has eight students and the other has fifteen
students. Please keep these new schools in prayer as well as
the students. We now have the DVD Bible Colleges in the
Haitian language of Creole and will soon be training students
in Haiti. Please pray for God to use the Bible College in Haiti
in a mighty way.

GCOM recently donated a used car to Pastor Jose Luis Alfaro
for him to use in his ministry. Please pray this car runs well
and is used to impact many lives for Christ.
The past two weeks we have also distributed 30,000 tracts,
children’s booklets and New Testaments to key pastors in
western border cities. We have also distributed 200 MP3
Audio New Testaments to pastors to distribute to the blind,
illiterate, and people in hospitals and prisons in the border
cities of Tijuana and Naco as well as the city of Ensenada.
GCOM will be starting new DVD Bible Colleges in these
cities through these same pastors. We also provided ministry
friends, Dan and Alyce Watts, with DVD Bible College
material, literature and MP3s. They frequently go to Costa
Rica and Guatemala and they will bring the material to their
minister friends in these countries.

We were also blessed to visit the churches that I ministered to
from 1993- 1997 in Cibecue, Arizona on the White Mountain
Apache Indian Reservation. We were able to see many people
that I remembered as well as their children and grandchildren.
The “Indian Assembly Church” that I had pastored had a new,
larger building as well as a new parsonage. The church is
being pastored by a Navajo couple who seem to be doing a
great job. They are praying for a car to use as theirs was
recently stolen. If you have a vehicle that you would like to
donate to help this pastoral couple, please let GCOM know
and we will make sure they get it. We also had a great time
with Pastor Wayne Stephens who I ministered with my first
year on the reservation. Sylvia and Joshua were able to see
where I lived and ministered during the first ministry God
called me to. They were amazed at how rugged the first place I
lived on the reservation was!! There are several new churches
in Cibecue but the spiritual climate in the town of 2,000 still
seems much the same. Please pray for the people of Cibecue
to seek God with all of their heart and for a mighty move of
God to begin there.

We pray you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year! We so appreciate your faithful prayer and financial
support of GCOM. We are still praying for God to put on the
hearts of churches and individuals to partner with GCOM in
the area of prayer and financial support as our committed level
of ministry support is still $1,850 less than our monthly
ministry expenses. Please pray about this and respond as God
leads. May 2016 be the year in each of your lives where you
most sense God’s presence in your lives and where God uses
you more than he ever has!! God bless all of you!!

Serving Christ,

Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl

Ministry Needs
– An economical used or new car for the pastors
in Cibecue and a new or used van for a Christian
School GCOM helps in Tabasco, Mexico.
– Someone who has a ministry calling to head up
the area of crossing in supplies for the people
and churches of Mexico. Also for God to raise
up someone who has a heart to head up
fundraising for GCOM so we can focus on other
aspects of the ministry. Someone to head up
our Nuevo Laredo missionary base so we can
start other missionary bases across the US –
Mexico border
– More intercessors for the ministry
– More financial supporters of the ministry

Prayer Needs
– For God to help me to keep a balance between
ministry and family
– For continued wisdom for every decision and
circumstance in the ministry and family
– For Sylvia, Joshua and I to stay healthy and to
continually have strength to do what God has
called us to do. For God’s healing of Sylvia’s eye
as she has been diagnosed as having borderline
– For God’s blessing on the Christmas
outreaches, graduations and conferences in
Mexico in December
– For the graduates to be used mightily by the
Lord to spread His Word
– For safety in traveling
– For God’s abundant provision for the ministry
– For many people to trust in the Lord during the
Christmas outreaches

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