Nov 17

Great Report on Argentina Crusades–Donald & Katie Nalley

Greetings Friends & Partners,

Argentina was an amazing time in the Lord. The place was Rosario Del Tala which is about a 4 hours drive from Buenos Aires.

The first night (Thursday 11/5) at one of the local churches Donald preached a short message to get those who were helping with the crusade to be ready for the harvest that was to come in. After speaking people lined up for prayer without Donald even giving an altar call. God answered in a big way. One woman who was deaf in her right ear testified that when Donald prayed for her that her ear popped and she could hear. Another lady wanted prayer for some arthritis and swelling in her wrist bones and as soon as Donald laid his hands on her a demon manifested so it was cast out and she was made whole. What an incredible start of a miracle filled week.

Friday morning and throughout the day it was radio and television time to further advertise the crusade. The Lord put Donald on two secular radio stations and two secular television stations and of course he used this opportunity to share the gospel, he was also on one Christian radio station.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at the crusade there was at least 1000 or more in attendance each night.

Friday night at the crusade Donald preached a message on the Kingdom of God and how Jesus was the door to enter into His kingdom. When the call for salvation went out only 10 people responded but Donald would not be discouraged by numbers because even if one came to know Jesus then the will of the Father was done. After the salvation call then there was a prayer for the sick offered over the crowd.

Saturday the testimonies came rolling in of how God healed people. One young man in particular had lost use of both his hands and he testified that when Donald prayed over the crowed Friday night the power of God came on his hands like ice cold water and his hands immediately were totally healed. Glory to God! The number for salvation on Saturday night more than doubled and as Donald preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and him and the team of pastors from the local churches laid hands on the crowd many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues. God also healed many!

Sunday after breakfast Donald laid hands on about 200 young people who were there for missionary work and God touched every person in a powerful way. Sunday night at the crusade was miracle night. Donald preached a quick message on salvation and the response was phenomenal as the whole altar area filled up with more people than could be counted. As the counselors got all the info from the new converts so the local churches could follow up the worship band proved to be a great asset as they flowed with the Holy Spirit before Donald brought a message on divine health and healing.

As the people were going back to their places from the salvation call there was 6 people who were crippled, 3 were carried in and 3 were in wheelchairs. The Holy Spirit instructed Donald to keep the cripples up front as God wanted to heal and He did not disappoint. They were the first to be prayed for. All 6 stood up with 3 walking away from their chairs. Donald encouraged the other three that just stood up that God had started a miracle in them and that from that day forward they needed to continue standing each day and thanking God for their healing because the Bible says believe that you receive when you pray, not when you see the results and some miracles need to be worked out over time.

More and more testimonies came in of people being healed of cancers, delivered from bitterness, discs in backs popped into place, one lady whose leg was shorter than the other by about 2 inches got her leg grown out as long as the other. Deaf ears were opened, the blind saw, demons were cast out and the kingdom of God was in full force. At the end of the crusade there was approximately 200 people who came to know Jesus as their Savior. Hallelujah!

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Yours in Christ,
Donald & Katie Nalley
D.O.C. World Missions Church Inc.

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