Nov 17

Leandro and Elizabeth Escalante, TMCI Missionary in Dominican Republic

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary in Dominican Republic

Totals for the Month
Ministered to: 600
Salvations: 8

Report Summary

October has been a month of normal ministry activities: church leadership responsibilities: worship, prayer service, exhorting in the offering, cell group, visiting the sick, counseling, and mentoring. We also led the group that visited and ministered in another town (about an hour away) in another church (as described in Praise Report).


One of the addiction rehab centers that we work with along with the church that planted that ministry, invited us to bring a group from our church to minister there. Friday, October 30, we transported our church’s worship team and the assistant pastor to minister to their congregation of approximately 200. It was a wonderful night full of the Lord’s presence.

Prayer Requests

Any day (or maybe hour) we are awaiting the arrival of our 3rd child. If nothing happens spontaneously, Elizabeth will be induced on Wednesday, November 18. Please pray for our family on personal & ministry levels as we prepare for and face this transition. We appreciate prayers especially for our 3-1/2 year old, Amelia, and almost 1 year old, Jonas.

We also appreciate prayer for financial provision to cover some needs and unexpected costs within the last few months. Humble thanks.

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