Oct 12

From Troy and Imelda- Report on the Orphanages

Mission to the Children

“Changing our world one life at time”

The seasons are changing once again. Their rainy season has almost stopped and it will be a long dry stretch until June when the rains return. While we change from hot to cold in the fall, the weather at the orphanage will only changes from wet to dry.

troy2The boys in the orphanage are doing well, and Adrianna and Julio are real thankful for our support. They said, “The new refrigerator and uniforms are a huge help, and also, the boys look really nice this year with all their new uniforms and back packs”.

troy1We have been able to buy uniforms for the boys for several years. Sometimes our boys feel like they are less than other children because of their painful past. Having new uniforms for school is something they are really proud of. Thanks to your support and the Quin Soles Memorial Fund our boys lacked nothing this year.

We also bought painting supplies for the orphanage. It is really nice to boy taking pride in their home.

Imelda once again is organizing a mission trip to the orphanages. It will be the week before Easter. She already started hitting the clearance sales buying summer wear at greatly reduced prices. Thanks to your support she has already started buying clothes for both the boy’s and girl’s home.

Sammy and Josh are working to pay for their plane tickets. I am real proud of how hard they work. They are very excited about their mission trip. Both boys have been cutting grass and doing odd jobs to earn money. Right now it looks like the she will be taking 8 people and they will be focusing on evangelism and helping the needy. Please pray for this mission trip.

Also please pray for Sammy who sprained his knee and for Imelda who has started a new part time job cooking for our Senior Center.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my family and ministries. Together we are changing lives and making futures.

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Mission to the Children

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