Oct 08

Ireland update

Christopher Johnston, TMCI Missionary in Ireland
Totals for the Month
Ministered to: 30
Salvations: 3

Monthly Report Summary

We have continued meeting with our youth and young adults and building into them, and praying for them to come to know the Lord. We have one youth that we are praying he will continue to be drawn to the Lord, as he experienced the Holy Spirit for the first time in one of our meetings this past month. It was simply amazing!

We have been working very hard on our appeal. Please pray for us to have the right words, and the right solicitor to help us in this process. Please pray the Lord opens these doors, as we have felt Him continue to confirm that we are to continue this work here in Galway. We believe we’ve only just now begun this work, and praying God will open the doors for us to continue.


We have had an amazing month! The new youth services are really picking up and we had 2 new youth give their hearts to Jesus and one re-dedicate her life to Jesus. All 3 of these young ones have only started coming to TORCH over the past 6 months. Praising God for this! We continue to meet with our young adults as well, and we are seeing them really grow in their faith too.

Prayer Requests

We applied for an extension in March 2015 and we were denied our extension to stay and continue this work. We are in the process of appealing as we believe this was a misunderstanding. Please pray, be believe we are meant to be here for long-term, and however, we are trying to also stay in tune with the Holy Spirit if He is closing these doors. All of our quiet times are confirming that this is where we are meant to be, so that is what we are believing, however we need prayer to get through this!

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