Oct 01


Good Morning!

One of our ministry contacts, Rev Silas Tamang stopped in to see me today. His village of Tenchet was 100% destroyed in the two earthquakes. They lost every house, the church, school, farms and medical outpost.

Silas’s father was the first Christian in the village and the two of them have brought the light of Christ to the majority of their district. Silas has a Christian NGO. We have worked with him for a number of years and know him to be reliable.

Can you make an announcement that we need 157 large, heavy wool blankets? The cost is $37 and they are from China.

I will be visiting some of the people Oct 2 – 4 when I go there to preach. The people are rebuilding their homes from native rock, but desperate for blankets before the winter sets in.


Pastor Jan

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  1. Debra A Medina

    I would like to donate one blanket for the cost of $37.00, please let me know how I can purchase.

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