Sep 09

Arlene Reitz-TMCI Missionary to Guatemala

Arlene Reitz-TMCI missionary to Guatemala

Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary I am thankful to God that He has opened up a door in Xecam Guatemala to minister to the women. I ministered to 11 women and 12 children in August right before I left for the States. I am teaching them how to pray. My instructions from the Lord are “Teach my women how to pray.” And so I am and the children are receiving along with their parents. I also ministered to a small church in PA my first Sunday here and the last Sunday in August. I have known the pastor since we were in grade school together and though the church is very small, they have big hearts and sow much love and support into the ministry and into me. August was a good and fruitful month for us. I will not be coming to the Conference this year, though. I need to stay close to PA and just go up into Ohio some. I will miss you, but I know I am where I am supposed to be at this time. Love to all at TMCI.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES Thanking the Lord that He opened the way as He promises in His Word, to bring me out of Guatemala and into the USA-even though the roads were closed for three days with protests. It turned out to be the easiest and smoothest trip home to the USA ever. Just like our God – He always makes a way when there seems to be no way and does it in style! His way is always the best!  
Prayer Requests I am itinerating in the States and would appreciate prayers for a vehicle. I am staying with my daughter and they are a one car family now and he needs his car for work, and he is on the afternoon shift. Makes it a little difficult to get around. Please also continue to pray for Guatemala, I was having a difficult time getting money also before I left. Because of the corruption in the government, they were not willing to change my checks into Quetzales even though I am also a resident of Guatemala now, to them I am a foreigner. I pray that the financial situation is corrected quickly as it has made it difficult for all missionaries to have cash to work with – to buy the necessities of life and pay others who work for us, helping us serve the Lord etc.


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  1. Rev Peter Azuma

    Worldcare Bible College soon to kick off.We are wirking tirelessly to get it running.Last Sunday i had a bithday programme that brought several pastors togethet.It was a rewarding evening.We have also new families in Church that needs your prayers.Pst Peter Azuma Portharcourt Nigeria.

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