Sep 04

Joy Dodd and Jen Cook-TMCI Missionaries to Honduras


Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary Village discipleship (middle-aged adults), mountain ministry discipleship (children), ministry among the “elders.” 120 plus people at a central facility in downtown San Pedro Sula. In late July, JTTN bought supplies to help feed them, as they were short. In August, Jen Cook furloughed to the US. Joy will furlough in Sept. Funds came in to feed the “elders” again for the 4th quarter in the 2015 year! JTTN Missionary, Joy Dodd, traveled for a net-working conference and was point person for the team.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES Reaching all age groups through JTTN missionaries and those that serve with us. At times physically healing people, but almost always touching their emotions as we lay hands on them and pray. With the expanding vision, our support team of partners are “catching” it, very excited and are running with us in it. Great covering, wonderful leaders. The freedom in Christ to serve through JTTN and TMCI, doing those very things that God calls each one of us to, as we also can be who we are in Him.  
Prayer Requests Increased peace in each team’s heart and mind as we live in a developing nation that brings it’s challenges…banking, vehicular, health at times, etc. More team unity, vision and expanding vision of the ministry protected. Divine health, divine strength, grace, spiritual growth/breakthroughs personal and inter-personal, Divine provision, Divine favor.


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