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May 17

USA Bible Ministries May Report, Stas Karpenko, Russia

Hello again from Ufa! We hope you are starting to see signs of spring where you are because here in Ufa it is still chilly. Typically, spring should be coming but practically it is still cold. Whether it is cold of hot every day is distinct in God’s design and we accept it as a …

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Mar 28

Ufa Bible Ministries, Russia, March Update

The work of the Lord here continues with blessings and trials. We know all things work together for good and give Him thanks for that. Beloretsk We visited a town of Beloretsk in the eastern Bashkortostan last month to serve to existing believers there and witness in the house of peace to Muslims. In the …

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Nov 10

Important Report and Request from Stas Karpenko, Ufa Bible Ministries, Russia

NEW RELATIONSHIPS Autumn is here in the Urals and we are at the full swing with our ESL school. We have been enjoying getting to know our new students and building new relationships in classes. We have some strong friendships already in place. The students in our classes become more like close relatives as we …

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Oct 25

UfaBible Ministries, Spanning Continents for Christ Has not the Lord been good to allow us to serve Him? We rejoice in the Lord for opportunity that we have been given not only to serve Him but serve Him alongside of God’s wonderful people. Thank you for your faithfullness in praying, supporting and giving so that we might continue to do …

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Aug 29

UfaBible Ministries, August Report

UfaBible Ministries Spanning continents for Christ   Summer has come to its end. Thank you for praying for our summer ministries. We’ve had incredible months of ministries in both – US and Russia. Travels went smooth. We had a good conversation with a lady while on our flight to the US in June. She …

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