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Nov 28

From Bishop Bawa in Zimbabwe

Dear Bishop Coulter, I trust I find you well. I returned to Zimbabwe 25 October a week before our 7th Anniversary celebrations. The celebrations went on very well. We are thankful to God that ICM is growing day by day month by month and year by year. The church was highly blessed with the coming …

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Sep 08

Bishop Emanuel Bawa, TMCI Pastor in Zimbabwe-

Number ministered to:  450; Number  saved:  13; Youth Conference (5-7 August) was successful as all our young people come together for the Annual Youth Conference. Sunday 14 August we had a Big Sunday. This is the Sunday where all our branch churches in Zimbabwe come together for a service. PRAISES: Praise the Lord, Mrs. Alapha …

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Aug 11

Great Story of Grace from Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, TMCI Pastor in Zimbabwe

Number ministered to: 560, Number saved: 10, Month of July was relatively quiet, beside our usual church programs. PRAISES: Praise God, Dzire is one of the ladies that received money to start Flee Market. The money opened miracles for her and her family; before that she, the husband and their daughter lived a very difficult …

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Jul 14

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, Zimbabwe

Totals for the Month: Number  ministered to  510 Number saved 10 Monthly Report Summary: Report Summary 1. Month of June we continued with Building Fund Rising. 2. Block Bible College went on very well with almost all our students in attendance. 3. Men’s Sunday 12th of June was very successful. Generally it was a good …

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Mar 17

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, TMCI pastor in Zimbabwe

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, TMCI pastor in Zimbabwe Ministered to: 570 Salvations:  4 Report Summary January from the 1st to the 10th was prayer and fasting in all our churches. I am thankful to God that most of our members fasted and prayed. On the 30th January Juliet and I ministered to sixty couples from different …

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Aug 19

The Move of God Continues, Bishop Bawa, Immaneul Chapel, Waterfalls, Zembabwe

Immanuel Chapel August 2015 Report to TMCI Preface From the second of August to the fifth, we had the privilege to have Evangelist Missionary Geeta. She conducted services during our main Sunday service in Waterfalls and on the third she was at our Hoply Church. Evangelist Missionary Geeta During the main Sunday service in Waterfalls, …

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Jun 11

Zimbabwe: Short Term Missions Opportunity

You can contact Bishop Bawa directly at or contact Bishop Bob Coulter at Zimbabwe Teams: our areas of needs, Children’s Ministry for sure, thus including Young People (Youth Ministry) Medical. even those that are skilled in different fields that can help us in spreading the Good News Evangelists Regards, Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

Jun 03

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa REVIVAL from TMCI visit to Zimbabwe May 2015

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa: Report on TMCI visit to Zimbabwe – Immanuel Chapel from 8 – 14 May 2015 Preface From the 9th to 13th May 2015, Immanuel Chapel Ministry (ICM) was honored to host the TMCI team led by Bishop Bob Coulter which left significant revival in our ministry. Over the 5 days that they …

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