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Jan 20

Roshsan Khatiwade, TMCI Pastor in Nepal

Number ministered to:  60. Number saved:  15. In December, we visited mountain with some orphan who are living with us to preach the gospel. We prepared two groups. One groups went some villages from where we have accepted orphan in our Home and another group visited in China border in very high mountains where all …

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Dec 16

From Jan Beaderstadt, Nepal and Bangledesh

Sunday mornings has a new sound in the heart of the tourist area of Kathmandu as the Thamel Christian Fellowship has moved to the heart of Thamel. The morning worship service is in both Nepali and English. Services are held at 8:30 am at the Third Eye Auditorium on Jyatha Street. A non-denominations fellowship, the …

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Oct 18

Important Update from Jan L. Beaderstadt, Nepal and Bangledesh

Indian Mission trip now underway Traveling to the giant neighbor south of Nepal has been in the works for a long time. But it took an unexpected turn of events to make it finally a reality. Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt’s Nepal visa was expiring and due to the big Hindu holidays of Daishan and Tihar, …

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Aug 24

Important Prayer Request from Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, President of Renaissance Outreach Ministries

NEWS: Christians experience new oppression laws in Nepal this summer      After over a decade of religious freedom, the new Nepal Constitution has been colliding with old anti-Christian laws that are on the books. Most recently, a recent graduate of Blessed Bible School was arrested along with four others for teaching children about Jesus.       …

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Mar 09

Update from Jan Beaderstadt, Renaissance Outreach Ministries, Nepal and Bangladesh

 NEWS New series of Pastoral Training begins in March Renaissance Outreach Ministries has announced a new series of pastoral training seminars for Spring of 2016. These seminars will be focusing on how local ministries in developing nations can develop their financial support. “Many missions in South Asia are in need of serious training in …

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Jan 25

From Jan Beaderstadt- Nepal-Tenchet Village Now Has Warm Blankets

Tenchet Village Now Has Warm Blankets Tenchet Village in Dhading District now has new, warm blankets as well as mattresses as the winter weather is now in full swing on that part of Nepal. Renaissance Outreach Ministries teamed up with HIMS Nepal and Rev. Silas Tamang to bring 159 blankets to the people of the …

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Aug 12

Great News from Jan Beaderstadt, Renaissance Outreach Ministries

NEWS THIS WEEK Blessed Bible School opens new session in Nepal Renaissance Outreach Ministries has been working closely with an ecumenical Bible School that is training pastors for rural ministry in Nepal. Located in the village of Chobar outside of Kathmandu, Blessed Bible Training Center has now begun its third class since its inception in …

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Aug 03

NEWS From REV. JAN BEADERSTADT-Nepal and Bangladesh

NEWS FROM REV. JAN BEADERSTADT-Nepal and Bangladesh Back in USA Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt has returned to USA for 10 weeks. He returned June 26th from Nepal. Pastor Jan made the decision to come back in order to have surgery on his right knee. Since returning, doctors found a non-invasive approach to reducing knee pain. …

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Jun 22

Jan Beaderstadt–Pastoral Care Seminars begun in Nepal

  NEWS THIS WEEK   Pastoral Care Seminars begun in Nepal The Earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 have done more than just damage to property and life. It has also created intense feelings of hopelessness among the people of the nation. With this, Renaissance Outreach Ministries is launching seminars to train rural pastors …

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Jun 05

Nepal Missionary Needs PTSD Counselors Onsite and/or Materials

LETTER TO BISHOP COULTER Good Morning, Bishop Bob! I can do pastoral counseling, but I really need someone who can teach on helping people with PTSD. It is a serious problem as the entire nation is suffering in fear following the two major earthquakes. The good news is that while we still will experience some …

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