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Jan 08

Important Request from Rick and Maricruz in Mexico

Dear Friends, Happy New Year 2018! We are filled with anticipation looking forward to see what the Lord will do this Year. The New Year is starting out great. Yesterday the Lord Blessed us with a new Digital Transmitter for the Radio Station. It was not only an answer to prayer but a promise from …

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Dec 12

Great Report from Mission to the Children, Mexico

Imelda and I had a wonderful time ministering in Colima. We saw the hand of God move in the lives of so many people. We had the opportunity of peaching and teaching in many places.  God really rose up Imelda and gave her a special anointing to minster to the women.  She spoke with a …

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Nov 15

Mission to the Children, Mexico – Special Request

It has been a real Good month for our ministries. We all struggle with the church shooting in Texas, and it was hard for us because we too are a small rural church. However, we pushed through the anger and fear to deeper faith.  Bad things may continue to happen, but it is how we …

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Nov 01

Report and Special Request from Rick, Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski

Hello Friends, God is so Good!. The last couple of Months have been wild ones for us. So many complications in finances and ministry. Rule # 1 in such trials is to always trust the Lord and not focus on the issues at hand. In every case God worked each situation out in His own …

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Oct 25

Mission to the Children, Mexico, Troy and Imelda Guild

Imelda and I are getting ready to take our family to Mexico for the week of Thanksgiving. Imelda has filled several suitcases with needed items for the orphanages.  I am looking forward to meeting the new directors Oscar and Andrea for the first time. They are doing a good job and it is a pleasure …

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Oct 24


Dear Friends, As we watch our world’s circumstances it seems more and more like Christ could return at any time – earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wars and rumors of wars, false teachers abounding and persecution of Christians increasing. God’s Word tells us in 2 Peter 3:9, that God “wants none to perish but desires all to …

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Oct 03

Excellent Report from Mexico form Rick, Maricruz and Daniel

Dear Friends, We would like to say thanks to all of you who have been praying for us. The days are becoming more dangerous where we are ministering. Please continue to pray for our personal protection. We fear not the enemy but put our trust in God who is able to keep us safe as …

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Aug 31

Report from Rick and Maricruz in Mexico

Dear Friends, The Summer is over for us and Daniel has been back in school for several weeks. Our trip to Oregon passed very quickly. We were very busy ministering in churches and small groups. Our plans to have some vacation time just didn’t work out for us. We wanted to visit more friends and …

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Aug 31

Excellent Report from Paul Gonzales, Mexico

One the last trip to Oaxaca we gave away over 900 pairs of my glasses along with a free exam.   95% of the people helped where indigenous and very very poor. Most people work in the fields. The lady (pictured) got her eyeglasses for the first time in her life.  She is 95 years …

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Mar 13

Special Request from Rick, Maricruz and Danny Szymanski in Mexico

Dear Friends, We are very excited to announce that our F.M. Radio Station has now been on the air for 5 days. What a tremendous amount of effort it takes to get a radio station set up and operating. We have been playing worship music 24 hours a day. I decided to stay silent about …

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