May 17

Report from Rev. Sertorius Johnson, Santiago, DR

May 17

USA Bible Ministries May Report, Stas Karpenko, Russia

Hello again from Ufa! We hope you

are starting to see signs of spring

where you are because here in Ufa it

is still chilly. Typically, spring should

be coming but practically it is still

cold. Whether it is cold of hot every

day is distinct in God’s design and we

accept it as a gift from God.

God is working

Two weeks ago, we attended an

annual conference in Kirov where

Stas was one of the speakers. Up

until the last day we didn’t know if

we will be able to fly because the air

company that flies there, uses a

small 12-15 seats turboprop. If less

than 7 people have to fly they cancel

the flight and give the money back.

They just don’t break even to burn

the fuel. When we arrived at the

airport in the morning there were 5

more people besides us, totaling 7!

We flew. And we are thankful to see

God working in our lives.

ESL school

We have started to conduct end of

year sessions for our ESL students.

They are free to not attend these

meetings but attend fully. Lots of

cups of tea along with games. Pray

for spiritual hunger in the hearts of

all of our students. Pray that some

would come to our church picnic.


In January Timothy started to attend

two facultative classes here in Ufa

apart from his two homeschooling

programs and it seems to be going

well. He is enjoying doing crafts and

swimming. Today he passed one

writing exam in Russian program and

next Tuesday he will come back to

the local school to write another test

on math. Please pray for a good

finish of the two homeschool

programs and two facultative


Prayer requests

Our planned May 9th picnic was

postponed till May 19thdue to cold

weather. Please remain in prayer for

good weather and good attendance.

This is rather neutral ground in our

context for non-Christians to come

and join us for some fellowship and

grilled meats.

Finally, plane tickets are purchased

for our upcoming trip – landing in the

US on June 6th

. We are looking to

raise new support and inform our

supporters about the work that has

been accomplished. If you are

interested in having us in or

partnering with our ministry, please

contact us.

Once again, I must include our

appreciation for your faithful support

and prayers.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa

Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a

501c3 non-profit entity. Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries

PO BOX 1761, Columbia, SC 29202

May 15

Spring Report from Joy and Robert Varga in Paraguay

Dear Loved ones and friends…
God bless you, thank you for caring and praying for us…

I have started this newsletter at different times, but l never got to finish it…please forgive me…
Many things have happened to us since we were transferred to a new church in January and Robert and l had to cope with several health issues and lots of adjustments.

In January just during our change to the Camp church in Carrepeguay, we had some emergency situations in our former church…
The new pastor had vacation time so we had to attend to a funeral and support the family.
We also had a terrible storm that flooded the church and had left the second floor of the church with a lot of water damage that had to be taken care of. Robert had his hands full.

Problems AND solutions.
Then we found out that the medicine storeroom of the “clinic ministry” my responsibility, and part of our ministry located in the same church, was full of “cupei”, a type of termites that had gotten in somehow and had a “party” eating away at the shelves in the storage place…something that had never happened before…
Walls and electricity sockets were also affected…It was a mess!
The room had been recently repainted and repaired and we had no clue as to how that could have happened…
It was a major cleanup, which caused me having an asthma attack and developing bronchitis.
But the Lord was merciful through it all and healed me, and bit by bit showed us how to resolve the problems…

Most of February and part of March had gone by…
It did take us a while to get all that worked out and cleaned up and also to get adjusted to our new church at the same time.

Now it is all resolved… Praise the Lord!
We love our new church!!! It’s a one-and-a-half-hour trip to and fro, but we don’t mind.
They had planned a surprise Birthday party for me on the 25th of March at the church,
with a harp and guitar serenade in Guarani; 3 beautiful songs about Jesus and a Happy Birthday!
In the Guarani language, English, and Spanish.
They had made a big cake and gave presents; it was so thoughtful and sweet!
At the same time we celebrated the Birthday of our oldest member named
Siriaca, she turned 78 years “young” and she is a strong, and happy little woman of faith and so very precious!
There was a lot of love to go around! We had so much fun!
We felt so very blessed!

Being hit by lightning…and our Easter celebration
Also at that same time we were busy for Easter!
We had a program planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but very bad weather hit and the church was without electricity for Friday and Saturday!
Saturday afternoon it hit us here in Lambare, with a big storm and forceful rain and then the corner our house got hit by lightning!

l was laying on my bed revising my sermon for Easter Sunday while it happened it was scary!!!
Our house trembled and so did we…
Robert was in the living on his computer and he got shocked by the current… not too bad but it passed through his body and made his fingers cramp.
Then we were without electricity and when it came back on after a long while we found out it had burned out the transformer of our WiFi…and our printer that we use for church projects…
But praise the Lord!!! Only that!!! Nothing else!
It took a while to replace the transformer and we had to do away with the printer.

On Easter Sunday we woke up at 2am. The weather had changed but it was very foggy…and we had to drive slowly…We left at 3 am for church, got there at 5 am…

Only 3 couples could make it for the Sunrise Service, for the storm had cut off many people and the way they had to come were mud roads full of water…
So we sang and praised the Lord and prayed together sitting outside, watching an incredible beautiful Sunrise!
Sharing testimonies on what the Lord had done in each of our lives…
One of the couples shared that this was the first time for them to have a Sunrise Easter and shared how very special and meaningful it was.
They wanted to do it every Easter morning from now on. Our Lord IS wonderful!

Then at 7:30 am the rest of the members came in, really disappointed they couldn’t make it for the sunrise…
So we did the Easter service then, with Holy Communion, a special number by the children and after that…
sharing a Paraguayan breakfast all together…with Cocido (a hot herb drink and Chipa, it’s like cheese bread made in the shape of a donut…)
Nobody wanted to go home, it was such a special time, the weather had cleared up and was drying up the roads…!
When everyone went home for lunch they asked if they could come back at 2pm so that they could see the movie “Jesus of Nazareth” on the big screen…
for the electricity had returned!

So Robert and l stayed had a sandwich for lunch, closed our eyes for half an hour sitting in our car,
and then the people came back and we did the movie…
They had even brought self-made popcorn fixed at their homes!
They stayed to the very end and were glued to the screen…
Afterwards we closed with the Salvation prayer and ended with a prayer session for the sick and thanking the Lord for a beautiful day and His wonderful love!

By that time Robert and l could hardly keep our eyes open but we still had to drive home…
That was at 6pm and with all the traffic it took a little while longer…
We sang our hearts out at the top of our longs for 2 hours to keep each other awake and we had a great time praising the Lord!
l guess the Lord held His ears closed with a smile for it was nothing more than a joyful noise!!!!
We were in tune with Him…. but our singing wasn’t ha!!!

At 8:15 pm we made it home and went straight to bed….so tired but also so thankful that He had given us and our church beautiful Resurrection day!
We have an AWESOME GOD and HE is so ALIVE and REAL!
We hope and pray that you all had a good and blessed Easter as well…Our church is growing!!!

Other news:

Robert is planning and busy building a Sunday school room for the kids, but it will take some time…
Some of the men are helping him when he drives out there…
The church and us decided together to build a temporary (one) big room from wood, because the weather is changing and they need a place soon…
Meeting outside is harder now since the weather is very unpredictable…
In the meantime will have some more time getting everything legally in order to build one of concrete…
Please help us in praying for this project!
Everyone is very excited about it!

April…The 30th year Anniversary from the National Methodist Church in Paraguay.
Was on the 12-13-14th of this month…There was a lot of organizing involved…
l had to do an exposition of the Clinic ministry and all pastors and missionaries were involved for those 3 days
from 7am to 10 pm… We were also in charge of bringing a Pastor guest speaker from the U.S
(President of the Mission Society) back and forth to his hotel in Asuncion…
Everything went well and we are so very thankful! Looking back, those 30 years have been tremendous and the Lord deserves all the Glory and Praise! He has BEEN and IS so faithful and merciful!
We did a lot of praying, soul searching and spending time with the Lord these last few months and He answered us in very special ways!
We love you all very much and are praying for you…
Thank you for your patience, prayers, support and love…
A big hug, Robert and Joy Varga.

May 15

Bishop Charlie Wynn: Are you a Faith Builder, or a Faith Breaker? (#2)

May 15

Report from Beautiful Harvest Ministry on the Navaho Rez, Justin and Ashli Galloway

May 11, 2018

Psalm 126


In the words of Pastor Mike at Dine Christian Church, “Wooo!”  Pastor Mike throws that out in sermons when the spirit is moving.  As a result Hanner has picked it up and uses it after big things happen in his world too.  If we had to pick a word to describe the month of April… “Wooo!”


As we  have shared before, our ministry here on the Rez is less structured events and more doing life.  That is apparent from Ashli’s most recent blog, “Unlikely Neighbors.” If you haven’t read it, I suggest you take some time and hear the story of another life we’ve come across here on the Rez.  


This month was a busy one and one that had Kingdom impact.  We had 19 different ministry activities this month. We worked with 3 of the 13 partner churches throughout the month.  One of the churches we interacted with was a first time visit for us. We spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon worshipping at Jesus is the Way Community Church.  They are located in Round Rock, AZ, a town I’m sure you’ve never heard of. This time last year they were worshipping every Sunday afternoon in a red and yellow tent you would find set up on an auto dealership lot when they have a “tent sale.”  The power was provided by a generator and the restrooms were pit toilets standing by themselves out in the open. This time we worshipped in a mostly complete metal building. When I say mostly complete I mean the outside is finished with the exception of a temporary wall behind the pulpit.  The interior has sheetrock up but it has not been mudded. There is insulation hung in the ceiling but not covered yet. They have electricity with temporary lighting, a window unit air conditioner, a wood burning stove and dirt floor with outdoor carpeting rolled out over it. The congregation is praying and confident that our Father in Heaven will provide the funding to complete the building, including the extension to build the Sunday School room on the other side of the temporary wall.  The Children’s Ministry meets in the living room in the house next to the church. Our girls were excited to have a Children’s Ministry and shared with me the details of their lesson about Courageous Daniel and the Lion’s Den. It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit shows up in any building or setting no matter how incomplete man may see it.


Ashli has seen rhythm come to the Inspired Learners Homeschool Co-op.  The group continues to grow as more families approach Ashli looking to provide a Christian education to their children.  Sometimes our evenings look like mom’s sitting in the floor of our living room after the kids are in bed looking at curriculum and discussing schedules for their future in homeschooling.  This is quickly becoming a large part of the BHP ministry. We continue to see God’s vision for BHP to be a grassroots effort in raising families who know, love and follow Jesus Christ.


We ask that you join us in prayer and support as we raise funds for our purchase of a 3 row, 4×4 SUV.  In addition, we are looking forward to the VBS teams arriving in June to serve approximately 100 children and youth at two churches.  We are also coordinating two more trips with teams who are seeking to join us in our mission here on the Navajo Nation. We ask for safety, clarity in planning and a magnificent work of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for joining us for this journey.


Beautiful Harvest Website and Blog



Justin and Ashli Galloway

May 08

Bishop Charlie Wynn: Are you a Faith Builder, or a Faith Breaker? (#1)

May 01

While It Is Today: Bishop Bob Coulter – Thoughts on Spiritual Leadership Part 5

Apr 24

While It Is Today: Bishop Bob Coulter – Thoughts on Spiritual Leadership Part 4

Apr 17

While It Is Today: Bishop Bob Coulter – Thoughts on Spiritual Leadership Part 3

Apr 13

Spring Newsletter, Arlene Reitz, Bridges of Grace, Guatemala

          My Prayer is: Passion for His Purpose – Compassion for His People

                            My Purpose is: To Please Him

A New Season

Another Season is being birthed—Spring!  I love Spring!  I know I say that about every season.  But it is true.  Each season holds lessons to be learned, mysteries to be revealed, and changes and challenges that have potential to cause us to grow stronger and be better.   Every season has a great story to tell.

Spring is the Story of the Resurrection.

Everywhere I look I see “Resurrection.”  The old must die to bring in the new.  And Spring is the “New.”  Fresh, new growth is bursting forth.  Even though there is still snow on the ground in some states, like my home state in Pennsylvania, flowers are still popping up, stretching and reaching toward the sun.  Outside my kitchen window in Guatemala, I see pastel buds on the peach trees that just a few weeks ago appeared barren and dead.

Our Creator God is faithful.  There will always be spring time/seedtime and harvest.  It may be arriving a little later in some places, but it will come.  God’s Creation responds to His Word.  And He Promised in His Word in Genesis 8:22 that there will always be a Seed time and a Harvest.

The Resurrection Story reveals God as the Giver/Sower of the greatest seed ever sown.  His SonOur Savior!  He died and rose again to give us Eternal Life through Him.  Seed Time and Harvest! Jesus was the Seed and we are the Harvest!

To be Christlike, we too must be sowers of seeds, sowing our lives in service to Him.  The Bible says that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Each season leads into another, and each season has a story to tell just like each person also has a story that  needs to be told.  Each story is written on the pages of our life’s journal.  Each one unique and precious to Our God for He has given us this life to live, and eternal life In Him.  Every day is a new day, and every day God sows new life in us.  What we do with the day He gives is our giving back to Him.

I ask myself, “Is the garden of my heart prepared for the good seed of God? Search me Lord and teach me Your Truths. Write them on my heart and weed out and keep me back from all things that are not of You. Change my heart, Lord, and help me be that person You describe in Psalm 1, ‘Like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season whose life does not wither-whatever they do prospers.’ In the Name of Jesus, I pray and thank You Father God for all the blessings in my life.  Most of all, I thank you for Resurrection Life through Jesus the Christ, Your Son and my Savior.” 

John 11:25(KJV): Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:


I give thanks to God for every seed that has been sown into this ministry.  We have been blessed and we have been able to bless others through your seed sown.  Because of your generous hearts we have been able to help Pastor Antonio Colop build up the Kingdom of God in Xecam Cantel.

We are including some of the photos that show the work of Bridges of Grace Ministries with Fountain of Grace Church.  We still need to finish cementing the interior, putting in the windows, and installing a floor, in that order.

If you look closely you can see the dirt floor, and the partially covered windows of plastic and corrugated aluminum.

I am praying that we can finish the sanctuary this year.   We are already in need of an extension to be added as soon as possible for the children’s ministry.  We have an abundance of little ones.  Praise God!  That’s a good problem to have.  We just need to catch up and make room for the abundance.

Thank you for your giving, and if you would like to plant more seed into this fertile ground, we will receive it with happy hearts.

Please make checks payable to Bridges of Grace Ministries with FOGC  on memo line and mail to:


Bridges of Grace Ministries  c/o Bernice Trask 

118 S. Spring St.

Blairsville, PA 15717

2 Corinthians 9:7-12: 7Every man according as he purposed in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver. 8And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: 9(As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remains forever. 10Now he that ministers seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;) 11Being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God. 12For the administration of this service not only supplies the want of the saints but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God.

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