Aug 24

Important Prayer Request from Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, President of Renaissance Outreach Ministries


Christians experience new oppression laws in Nepal this summer

     After over a decade of religious freedom, the new Nepal Constitution has been colliding with old anti-Christian laws that are on the books. Most recently, a recent graduate of Blessed Bible School was arrested along with four others for teaching children about Jesus.

      Nepal was officially a Hindu kingdom before 2008 when the monarchy was replaced by a secular government. Old anti-Christian laws were no longer enforced, but remained on the books. Now, funda-mental Hindus are creating new problems for Christianity in the country.

     Official government statistics continue to list Christianity as 1% of the country, but the rapid growth of the faith in the last 15 years has caused fear among the fundamental Hindus. Estimates today is that around 5 million Nepalis are now Christian, making it 18% of the country.

Last Easter, ½ million Christians assembled together in Kathmandu for an Easter worship service. In other districts, large gatherings also were present. The massive rallies have no doubt contributed to the backlash by fundamental Hindus.

The RKK is a political party that is pushing for a restoration of the monarchy as well as for making Hinduism the official religion of the country. They especially target Christians, complaining that they do not support RKK candidates for office

The RKK party is the number four political party in Nepal.

New laws have been passed by the new Nepal cabinet to close orphanages as well as youth homes run by Christians. Bible Schools are now required to be registered by the government, but if they are Christian, are being denied registration.

Of special interest to Renaissance Outreach Ministries is the Blessed Bible Institute. While not operated by Renaissance Outreach Ministries, we do support the work of its director, Rev. Mahdav Poudal as well as teach at this school.

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, president of Renaissance Outreach Ministries, is still planning to return to Nepal this fall. Please keep the Christians in Nepal in prayer as they try to reach an understanding with the newly installed government of Nepal.


Fall Plans Underway:

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt has been back in USA this summer, doing quite a number of programs about Nepal, Bangladesh as well as promoting the ministry of training pastors and church leaders.

The trips have taken Pastor Jan to Beaver Island, Michigan, South Carolina and Kentucky.

This fall, he will be returning to Nepal and then to Bangladesh in late September for meetings and teaching. In early October, he will be traveling to western Nepal to work with pastors in Mugu and Jumla Districts.

January of 2017 will see Pastor Jan traveling to western Uganda in Africa to train Anglican Priests (Church of Uganda) for one diocese. This will be the first time Pastor Jan has been back to Africa in 10 years.

It is hoped that Renaissance can sponsor another mission trip to Nepal in February of 2017.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers, requesting travel mercies for Pastor Jan and the people he’s working with.


Nepali Coffee for sale:

Over the course of the summer, Renaissance Outreach Ministries has been selling Nepali coffee. The sales have been very good as people are discovering the unique and rich flavor of Nepal coffee.

Renaissance is selling 250 gm bags of ground Nepali coffee for $10 a bag. The profits from the sales go to support travel expenses for Pastor Jan.

2016-17 will involve extensive travel to various places in Nepal, Bangladesh, India as well as the planned January trip in Uganda.

The coffee has been selling well through various churches where Pastor Jan has been speaking. If your church would like to help out and order bags of good coffee to sell, e-mail us at


New Board Members:

Renaissance Outreach Ministries welcomes Rev. Matthew Carpenter of East Tawas, Michigan and Johnny Burke of Frankenmuth, Michigan to our board of directors.



P. O. Box 121 —

Greentown, IN 46936


— (517) 425-4773—

Rev. Michael Murray, VP of Outreach

All donations are tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)3 ministry

E-mail us at

Aug 24

Mission to the Children—August 2016

Special note and Prayer Request:

Please continue to pray for Julio and Adrianna. It is a real hard job to run an orphanage and raise a family at the same time. The long hours have been hard on their marriage and family. Pray God will replenish them, bless them, and use them in a powerful way. Pray they will not be tired physically or spiritually.  Commit yourself to pray daily for them.

mexico1Vacation Bible school was awesome this year.  Since the orphanages have so many children, they had to have their own VBS.  All the children gathered under a huge shelter at Casa Matriz. Several years ago the shelter was built so the children would have a dry place to meet, however I think they lost sight of that concept at this year’s VBS. From the looks on their faces the cool water was gladly welcomed.


Once Again we will be helping out with school uniforms, shoes, and back packs. We are fortunate to have some money in our account, but we are about $500 short of what we need. Please give as you are able to help the boys.


Summer Is Over:

mexico 2The boys are returning to school. Summer is only about six weeks since they have a shorter school day and a million holidays. Two of our boys will be entering high school. We are so proud of Ismael and Tono.


Relationships are so important in ministry.  Julio hast to win the boys trust before he can start to minister to them.  It takes a lot of time and effort to win the boys heart over. This is not an easy task and there are no guaranties. Each boy is unique, and the road to each boy’s heart is different. They had a festival to celebrate fathers, and it was nice to see the boys take a moment and Let Julio know they cared.



Thank you and God bless you.



Please make check to:

Mission to the Children

P. O. Box 211322

Bedford, TX  76095

Aug 24

Special Prayer Request from Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary in Dominican Republic

Number  ministered to: 600;

Number  saved: 12;

July 3 our church Amor a Quisqueya in the Dominican Republic celebrated it’s anniversary after finishing out a great week of camp with the Timothy boys and in the afternoons with all of the kids from Bible School from the church. We headed Stateside July 5-August 11 to minister and connect with people in IA, IL, IN & MO. It was a good time for us as a family and we saw God work in many different ways!


We had a good time Stateside in the month of July. Ministering for a week at Pine Lake Camp to 150 young teens, preaching in two different churches and visiting family, supporters and friends new & old.

Prayer Requests

We have just arrived back to the Dominican Republic from a month Stateside and had to move to a new rental house with multiple problems that we’ve had to be continually fixing the last week. Our family has also been hit by the Zika Virus. Pray that the Lord would be our rock, strength & provision in which we live and minister in the midst of our weakness and need.

Aug 15

Special Report from Rick, Maricruz, and Danny in Mexico

Dear Friends,

The last two Months have just been amazing. We have had event after event. We also have some special news to share with you. The Lord has opened a door for us to start a Christian Radio Station in Cancun. Our radio program has touched tens of thousands of lives and brought over 3,000 Mayans to the Lord in the last 5 Months. It’s just incredible to see how effective Christian Radio is with the Mayans. Our program is only 3 hours a week and it is touching so many people.

Last Month the Lord asked me if I would start a Radio Station for Him. I said ” I’m listening Lord”. The Lord replied ” I want you to start a Radio Station that will focus on bringing people into Salvation, teach people about acts of Righteousness and teach the Truth of My Gospel. I want this Radio Station to be birthed out of loving relationships you have with others, you will know these relationships by how you pray for them”. Isn’t that beautiful?

We are now in the process of raising the $5,000 needed to purchase the equipment. I Know it only cost $5,000 to get a start up radio station started that will reach all of Cancun and the surrounding Villages. This is completely doable. Think about how many people we touched with only 3 hours a week and imagine how many lives we can impact with a Christian Station that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Last Month we had friends come down from Oregon to minister with us. We had the best time loving on the Mayans together. We feed pizza to 60 children who live in extreme poverty. Pizza was a real treat for them. We had a great time singing to the Lord and playing games with the children.

We had our first youth rally in Cancun. Dozens of teens came and enjoyed a time of worship and ministry. We had a woman’s conference earlier that day. 80 women signed up for it. The ministry time was a little wild. There was lots of deliverance taking place.

We made a day trip out to a couple of Mayan towns. In X-can we visited lots of widows homes and gave them food bags. We had friends prepare a hot meal to feed over a hundred of the towns people. We would stop at the street corners and give bags of candies to hundreds of Mayan children.

We then went to Santa Cruz and did much of the same. We added buying over a ton of corn and let the towns women come and fill bags and buckets full of corn for their daily tortillas. I don’t want to go into too much detail. I am sure our friends will want to share their own stories.

We would like to ask our friends to please pray for us as we raise the money for the radio station. There is lots of work to do.

God Bless

Rick Maricruz and Danny Szymanski

Aug 11

Great Story of Grace from Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, TMCI Pastor in Zimbabwe

Number ministered to: 560,

Number saved: 10,

Month of July was relatively quiet, beside our usual church programs.


Praise God,

  1. Dzire is one of the ladies that received money to start Flee Market. The money opened miracles for her and her family; before that she, the husband and their daughter lived a very difficult life failing to pay accommodation rent. Their accommodation debts were going back as far as six months. At one point they were taken to court. God is good, after starting the Flee Market business, a longtime lady friend noticed what she was doing, then the Lord moved her heart to donate to her from her closing down shop. The stock was worth $400. As though it was not enough the following day her husband received a call from his former boss saying he had jewelry worth profit of $2,500 after sale he would pay him back only $500. Testifying to the glory of God, she said now I can pay my rent and have food on the table. This is God.


  1. We thank you for all your prayers for our South Africa Durban Assembly. The church was going through a difficult time. Now the church is stabilized and life has come back again.


Prayer Requests:

We require prayers in the following areas:

Prayer for our Nation-Zimbabwe


Aug 11

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to: 200,

Number saved:  1,

We have been very busy. We have 90+ children and it is always an adventure. Our Lord is Faithful and True!

We just had a meeting with about 100 pastors from Masaka District, we were invited to participate. I believe that the Lord is unifying the church here. Praise GOD!!! They are planning a big conference and crusade for December.

I have been getting to minister to other believers and encouraging people to seek a personal relationship with our Lord. And also talking about ministering outside the church buildings wherever they are…

It is so incredibly different here in Africa than the US, please come see us.


The LORD is Faithful and True!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Our chickens have started laying eggs, we got 150+ today and we are praying for 400+ we have 450 chickens. GOD is so good!

We have gotten bids for the construction of the new buildings on the land for the children’s home. HalleluYAH!!!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for my wife’s visa interview on August 30th, we have an appointment at the Embassy in Kampala. We would like to visit the US for a few weeks in late September or early October.

Pray for choosing the right contractor (bid) for building the facility for the children…

Aug 11

Douglas and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Numbered ministered to:100,

Chris had some time off from La Vega Christian School. We helped with a team that did painting and VBS for 3 different churches and ministered at another. Doug preached at our church. We continue to teach English to a number of different people with more ideas in the works.


God is good and continues to bless! Our health is good. Our daughter has found 3 different part time jobs in the U.S. She is working hard and making money to help pay for her schooling. We had a good first service (with me as interim pastor ) at El Puente international church.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for the beginning of the school year. La Vega Christian School will begin soon. Pray for the students, that they would either come to Christ this year or draw closer to Him. Pray for our ministry here…there are some big changes and we need to know how to proceed. Pray also for our personal spiritual walk, that we would draw closer to Him and see more of His purposes for us here. Please continue to pray for our finances…we had one huge blessing the beginning of August which helps out a lot…but our car is now stalling out and we need to find a fix for that problem so we can drive it. Pray also for the people of La Vega and the northern region (especially) of the DR. They need to see their need for Christ! Finally, pray for our daughter…that she would not be discouraged. Pray for favor and calmness and full knowledge of the material on her GED test. She had a difficult time the first go-around and needs to pass so she can continue with her schooling. Pray also for her school finances to come in.

Aug 09

Ufa Bible Ministries, Special Report–Important Prayer Requests

Ufa Bible Ministries, Spanning Continents for Christ

We had a good furlough but we are very glad to be back in Ufa! We arrived four

days ago now, and have hit the ground running. Although it was a long journey

of 35 hours the Lord has made it feel shorter for us. We were traveling with 10

pieces of luggage and two two small kids. We have seen His hands on us while

traveling. All the connection went smooth. We felt safe during our layover at

Istanbul. We even went into the city to try some Turkish kebabs during our

layover. None of the luggage were lost or damaged. Folks from our church

prepared a dinner for us in our house.

Our furlough time has been refreshing and productive. We have greatly enjoyed

spending some time with each and every church we visited. We are continually

amazed at how the Lord supplies our needs and the generosity of His people.

Thank you to all how gave, we can’t thank you enough!

We have much work to do as we are entering into our next ministry season. The

task before us is great! More seeds of the gospel need to be sown. More leaders

need to be trained! We know that the Lord is the one who is doing the work, but

we are conscious that time is short and our responsibility is great.


Please pray for new and returning students as we start our new school year with

our ESL school. Pray for opportunities to share good news with the students.

Please continue to pray for our leaders to grow and mature in Christ. If you ask

us what is one thing that would advance our ministry significantly we have the

answer ready – pray that the Lord would give a minivan for our growing family

and ministry.


Thanks again for sharing in this ministry through your prayers. We know that we

could not be serving the Lord without the faithful support and partnership of our

supporting churches, and for that we are very grateful!


You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries (UBM)

518 Green Ave SW

Massillon, OH 44647

Aug 08

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Totals for the Month

Number saved 45


Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary Report for July 2016

Reverends Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer: Oversee & counsel ministry pastors. Counseling & ministering to veteran of U.S. Army with PTSD who is currently living in Nicaragua. Administration, promotion of ministry, reports and fund-raising.

Pastor Mariano & Sandra: 12 regular services; 4 missions trips; 40 phone calls to evangelize; 1 2-day youth camp which included 10 youth and 5 pastors; 6 youth seminars; youth group including chess competition, football league, archery, fishing; 2 evangelistic outreaches; 2 campaigns; 1 in-house bible study; 4 times ministering on the bus; 3 services at bus stops; 1 funeral service; 2 seminars for pastors; 7 days of prayer and fasting; 1 service of thanksgiving; 3 baptisms; 35 accepted Christ.

Pastors Jorge & Xiomara: Weekly children’s church & youth ministry plus adult church (monthly attendance – 292); Friday and Saturday afternoon: visitations, evangelizing and outreach. Helped organize and attended 3-day conference for pastors and leaders. Attended Pastors conference at Channel 21, Enlace TV.

Executive Pastor Carlos & Veronica: Ministering Wednesday-Sunday. 364 reached; 10 accepted Christ. Attended 3-day conference for pastors and leaders. Travelled extensively promoting and assisting with Leadership Seminars throughout southern region of Nicaragua. Visited Pastor Lorenzo’s church and together held youth outreach in 3 towns; counseled couples having marital problems. Attended Pastors conference at Channel 21, Enlace TV. Promoting the Pastors’ Summit to be held in Masatepe on August 17th & Pastors’ Meeting for Mateo 5:16 pastors.

Pastors Oscar & Maria: Oversees and ministers at 9 rural churches throughout the week including children’s church. At least 900 people per month. Number of conversions and baptisms unknown.

Pastor Lorenzo & Luz Marina: With Pastor Carlos held youth outreach in 3 towns; counseled couples having marital problems. Weekly church meetings & bible study. Number of conversions and baptisms unknown. Number reached: Approx. 500

Pastor William & Danya: New Pastor.
Pastor Yader & wife : New Pastor

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES 1.     Emmy has completed her 7th chemotherapy and is doing well.
2. We are all currently healthy and can be used of God for His purposes.
3. That the Lord is using us to provide spiritual and legal covering for pastors who had
4. That we are able to attend this year’s Annual Conference.
Prayer Requests 1. We need bibles for our different churches and new believers.
2. We need support for our pastors and staff.
3. We need prayers for the quick adoption of Emmy.
4. Continued prayer for Emmy’s health.
5. Prayer for healing of Pastor Mariano who has a heart condition and also hurt himself
doing heavy work on his property.
6. Prayer for Pastor Xiomara’s health.
7. Prayer for Professor Evelyng, Rev. Lynne and those who are suffering from viruses
due to mosquito bites.
8. Prayer for ‘sister’ and employee, Desiré, who is in her 8th month of her pregnancy
and has been suffering due to a lack of fluid surrounding the baby.
9. Prayer for God’s grace for everything we put our hands to, his guidance and his
blessings on us and ‘our’ ministry.
10. That the young man who has PTSD accept the Lord and be able to rest in Him
instead of using alcohol to escape.
11. Prayer for the United States of America and for our leaders and future leaders.

Aug 08

Douglas Nelson, TMCI Missionary to Thailand

Douglas Nelson, TMCI Missionary to Thailand

Totals for the Month

Number ministered to 150

Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary We were privileged to minister at a church where we have never spoken before and were greatly blessed to receive both spiritual and practical support for our ministry. We also met with or spoke on the phone with pastors who are interested in our work in Thailand. The Spirit moved in those encounters, and we were all greatly encouraged. The unifying of the Body that we are seeing in Thailand is also at work in the U.S.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES We are rejoicing for the opportunities God has provided to minister and share the missions vision while we are here in the States. We are also thanking the Lord as provision continues to come in.
Prayer Requests Please agree for revenue streams to come into the IndoChina Mission Training Center so construction can continue and workers employed. Pray for the Lighthouse Church in MaeSai, Thailand, to be added to, strengthened, and supplied every day. Please agree with us for more doors to be opened in the States to minister and share the vision for the IndoChina Mission Training Center. Please pray for the strengthening of marriages and families for all at Lighthouse Church and all involved at the IndoChina Mission Training Center. Please pray for the unity of the Body of Christ to continue to be manifested in SE Asia.

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