Jan 20

Richard and Toyin Wiggins, TMCI Missionary to Nigeria

Number ministered to:  400.

Number saved:  10.

We were involved in a medical mission with our one of our partner organization. It was in the capitol city this made it very challenging, however God got us through it and we saw many people healed and treated. We also had a lot who received counseling and received salvation.


More local people are becoming aware of the situation and stepping up to help in many ways.

Prayer Requests:

There is a lot of fighting and killing in various area between Muslim and Christian which began before Christmas. This will surely increase the volume of internally displaced people. Pray for protection for us as we travel, for Gods intervention to stop this fighting.

Jan 20

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary in Australia’s Tasmania

Number ministered to:  323

This month we were able to spend the month sharing about the real meaning of Christmas. We were allowed to present an assembly to all of the children at a government school! A few of the children dressed as the characters and we also had a Powerpoint about the best gift, the gift of Jesus that God gave the world. Our regular Good News Clubs finished the year with a “Backwards Birthday Bash” since God gave us a gift. Also, I was able to share Wordless Book Christmas ornaments at our City Park including to a Hindu family from India


We had a wonderful time in December sharing the Gospel through the real meaning of Christmas to the entire school of Beaconsfield Primary. Some of the children took tracts after to learn more of what Jesus did for them. Praise God for ending the year with three regular Good News Clubs and a lunch time group at school. Praise for extra children coming to the lunch time club the last couple of weeks of school.

Prayer Requests:

I have just gotten out of the hospital so pray that my health stays well. We have two important clubs coming up and an outreach. Pray especially for the outreach coming up Saturday and the holiday club at City Park to come together well since I had to be out of plans due to being in hospital.

Jan 20

Roshsan Khatiwade, TMCI Pastor in Nepal

Number ministered to:  60.

Number saved:  15.

In December, we visited mountain with some orphan who are living with us to preach the gospel. We prepared two groups. One groups went some villages from where we have accepted orphan in our Home and another group visited in China border in very high mountains where all the time snow falls. Some villages where Tibetan migrants or refugees lives from long time and none of the have heard gospel we visited with some special trackers. our boys from orphanage shared their testimony and some young man believed. Whole villagers watched Jesus Film at night. People allowed us to use seminar hall of Buddhist priest built by Buddhist Gumba to show Jesus film. People show they are so hungry for the salvation.


We visited one Village where we found one single mother whose husband died due to tuberculosis. She has 5 children none of the children goes to school. they don’t have food eat, no cloth to wear, no place to hide themselves. Their house was partly broken by massive Nepal earthquake April 2015. They are still taking a shelter on it. We tried to provide some warm cloths some food and other. we preached the gospel and whole family believed in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for the School Projects. Our organization is going to have run school from coming April. We need fund to establish class room of vocational training. We need a fund for science Lab develop at the School. We need many volunteers to teach English language, Craft and more activities. If somebody wants to serve as a volunteer teacher we can provide access for the volunteer visa.

Pray for the orphan we have 5 very poor and needy orphan who are waiting for personal sponsor. They need at list 100$ per orphan per month to cover education, living, food etc.

Jan 19

Randy Poor, TMCI Missionary in the Dominican Republic

Number ministered to: 28


Praise God for his continual faithfulness through redemption that can be found in His Son

Prayer Requests:

We are entering into a new phase in our ministry and we’re renting a separate space rather than meeting in our house. We’re excited, but change is always hard.


Jan 06

Denise Aludo, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Number ministered to:  100

Number saved:  5


The ladies finished “The Message of the Bible” study and held a celebration the end of November. Twelve ladies received certificates of completion and several others received certificates of attendance. The leadership team held a meeting in December and sister Denise, who was visiting Kenya, was able to attend. Pastor Rose and Susan reported on how the group has grown adding 4 new ladies this year, and how the group continues to draw encouragement from their time together in prayer & worship each week.

Denise reported that the donor who had been supporting the KBS group discontinued financial support in September, stating that they were instead going to give locally in 2017. Discussion was had regarding the way forward for the group in light of this development. Both Pastor Rose and Susan felt that the group should continue. Pastor Rose reminded the team of Elijah’s testing in 1 Kings, when the brook died up and how God provided for him. The team agreed to pray and seek God’s guidance for the way forward.


New Life Youth Ministry held the Youth Camp from Dec 8th to 12th and had 55 youth in attendance! The theme this year was “Never the Same” with scripture taken from 2 Cor 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; The old has gone, the new is here!” The school where the Camp is held has had several improvements this year, including new concrete floors and a well for plenty water.

Of the youth attending, twenty of the kids were from St. Catherine’s and several others were brothers and sisters of youth New Hope has financially helped with school fee’s over the years. What a joy to see fruit from seeds planted years ago!

New Hope received a positive report from Tom Owino regarding his progress during his first year in college. New Hope is currently paying full board and college fee’s as well as giving financial support to his family following the death of his mother. Tom’s three siblings are doing well and sponsors have come forward for the school fee’s of his two younger brothers.


With Denise Aludo visiting Kenya in December, New Hope was able to hold ministry project meetings and schedule the Annual Board meeting for Dec 31st.

New Hope attended a swim party for the boys from St. Catherine’s Children’s Home that was hosted by missionary Twyla Brickman. Twyla did a skit featuring Mary the mother of Jesus, each boy received a Christmas bag and Denise prayed for the boys as they closed out the year 2016. After the swim party the New Hope group stayed for a meal and time of fellowship.


We thank God for a successful year of ministry and for the local leadership that God has raised up in Kenya

We give thanks for sponsors that came forward willing to pay school fee’s for Tom Owino’s younger siblings

We thank God for Denise Aludo’s improved health that enabled her to travel to Kenya in December and meet with New Hopes ministry program leaders.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for funding for the KBS ladies bible study. We need $40 per month to continue providing the needed study materials and pay for a room at the church.

Dec 20

Chris and Larena Johnston, TMCI Missionaries to Ireland

Number ministered to:  50

We brought the youth and young adults many times to work on the Shoeboxes this month. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with our young adults this year. Had 14 at our house and we went around the room talking about Thanksgiving and all we are thankful to the Lord for!

We’ve continued to have the youth and young adults programs weekly, and also one on one bonding time and discipleship throughout the week.

I also preached this past month, and was nominated to become a Deacon at GCF. I was just told the other day that I was voted in. Praise God!

Working towards the planning of the new youth service to start in Spring of 2017.

Also working with Jordyn Ferarro who will be joining us, God willing in Feb 2017 to start helping us full time with the youth and young adults programs.

Scouting out potential drop in center options in town Galway.

I am also furthering my education with AGI Ireland to be credentialed through Assembly of God Ireland. Will be starting classes in January.

Exciting things happening!


My wife is pregnant! Praise God!

Also, this year we were able to be a part of the Shoebox ministry again which sends out shoeboxes filled with goodies to poor children across the world. Our youth and young adults did a great job helping with this!

We’ve seen the youth and young adults programe continue to grow, and we are looking forward to 2017 when we can start a new young adults service and pray through a drop in center in town Galway to reach more lost and hurting youth for Jesus.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our visa application. We are currently working on it to send into immigration for approval for another year. If we get this year, we can apply for citizenship. Thank you!

Dec 20

Very Special Request from Pastors Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

Dear Brothers and Sisters of TMCI,

Every year Pastor Glenn and I have a Christmas party with presents and food for the poor children who attend our Sunday school and Preschool.  This year we are short on funds.

Would you like to contribute to a joyful Christmas for these children?

If so, you can send your donation via PayPal to:  mateo516ministry@yahoo.com

Thank you and God bless you.

Pastors Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua

Dec 20

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary in Tasmania, Australia

Number ministered to: 54

Number of salvations:  3

This month I continued the Good News Clubs at St. John’s, St. David’s, and St. Leonards Primary School. We had three new children at the club at St. Leonard’s Primary School. I also continued the lunch time group at Riverside Primary. We had three children come to Christ in November. I also shared the Gospel on Saturdays at City Park.


Praise for the little girl who came to club for the first time and had heard of a Bible, the next week we gave her a Bible, and the next week she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Also, praise for the two other little boys who became Christians in Good News Club this month.

Prayer Requests:

Details to come together for our upcoming holiday club.

Those who became Christians this year and others to use their devotional books over the summer to grow closer to the Lord.

A 13-year-old boy who is moving to the mainland at a critical time of his life with no spiritual support. He wants to Skype into Good News Club so we are going to work on that.

Dec 20

Darrin O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to:  300

We have been traveling between Louisiana Dallas Ft. Worth and San Diego… Getting to visit with family and friends. Getting to minister at a few churches.

Going back to Uganda on the 28th of December.


Everywhere we have gone, everyone loves Mama Fatuma and our son James, it has been such a Blessing to rest and fellowship. GOD is so good to us. Thank you JESUS!!!

We now have 92 children in our home in Uganda. And the Holy Spirit is always moving!!!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for continued travel mercies as we travel in the US and we return to Uganda December the 28th.

And pray for everything to workout with the church that wants to help up us to build a facility in Uganda to care for the children that we get from the streets and from the police and probation dept. (Uganda CPS).  Pray for the right words to spoken at the ministry council meeting. I need wisdom from ABBA to speak or thoughts and for hearts to be receptive.

Dec 16

From Kevin Rosendahl: A Good Report and Special Request

Dear Friends in Christ,

God’s blessings to all of you! We pray that as you celebrate Christmas you sense God’s love and presence in a special way and that your New Year is filled with favor, open doors, and God’s blessing in every area of your lives!

After Thanksgiving, I along with Nick Marrone from Mounds View, Minnesota, held several outreaches in Nuevo Laredo and then traveled to areas in Mexico south of Arizona and California and are ministering there now. Pastors in that area requested that we come and help them. We have ministered in Nogales, Encenada, Mexicali, and Tijuana conducting Children’s Outreaches and Pastor’s Conferences. New DVD Bible Colleges will be starting in some of those areas. We are seeing thousands of people ministered to, many hundreds of people of all ages coming to the Lord, and people seeing God’s love for them through His provision for them.

In Mexico many kids will not receive a toy for Christmas so we share the Christmas story with them and how Jesus is the best gift that we can receive and we give each child a toy. Many children and their parents are ready to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior through these outreaches! We always stress to them that everyone will receive a toy whether they give their life to Christ or not as we do not want them to go through the motions of receiving Christ just to get a toy. We want it to be a serious and heartfelt decision!


Special Request:

If you are not already a committed monthly or quarterly supporter of GCOM please pray about becoming one as GCOM is still $1,500 short monthly of being fully funded as a ministry. Please also consider becoming an intercessor for GCOM. If you want to become an intercessor for GCOM please let us know and we will put you on a special email chain that will receive prayer needs as necessary from GCOM.


Again, may you each be blessed as you celebrate our Lord’s birth!

Serving Christ,

Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl

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