Sep 26

Doug and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries in Dominican Republic-

Number ministered to:  100;

Chris continues with teaching at La Vega Christian School. This is a real joy in her life. Doug continues to do administrative work and teaching the Word. We are also teaching English…Chris started back up with the little girl she teaches and we continue with another woman.


This past month we had a financial miracle. We have seen some ministry expansion. God is providing daily for our needs.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for strength. We are working in some new areas of ministry (as well as continuing with the old). We have been physically tired as some of this is physically taxing but there is a lot of emotional and spiritual fatigue. This is the most difficult.

Financial Prayer Requests:

Along with this we still are having the financial struggles. We have seen the Lord come through in our daughter’s school bill and are continuing to believe Him that this will be paid each month. We had two unexpected donations which have gone a long way in helping this month, we need to see God continue to supply.

Please pray for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Thank you,

Doug and Chris

Sep 26

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  350;

Number saved:  4;

August 11 we returned to the Dominican Republic where we moved to a different rental house for our family as well as immediately resumed ministry responsibilities: pastoring new believers, leadership of church services, cell group, Timothy school (Pastor Leo leading chapel time and teaching P.E.) and club, worship team, mercy ministries, etc.


We had a good month stateside visiting family, friends and supporters & mid-August returned to the Dominican Republic. God has continued to bring new Brothers and Sisters to the faith and we consider it a privilege to walk alongside and help pastor these new believers.

Prayer Requests:

Please join us in prayer as we plan and reorganize the ministry in our church for the new believers and even visitors. May God give us direction, strategies and provide all the resources needed to be effective in this ministry in this season. Every week we receive visitors and there are almost continually people coming to Christ, may God direct us in how to pastor them (many come very “damaged” from life without Christ, may He restore each life!).

Personally, we returned to the Dominican Republic on August 11, moved into a different rented house on August 12, and since then have been facing different trials financially as there are many broken things we are constantly repairing. We have also been dealing with illness. May we consider these trials pure joy.

Sep 09

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries in Nicaragua–

Number ministered to:  92;

Pastor Carlos : Assistance: 250 Conversions: 4 Assistance at home churches: 7 days per week Youth Service: weekly.

Pastor Mariano: 10 early morning services and 19 regular services 5 prayers services. 1 evangelistic service with 4 pastors and 100 attendees. I funeral. Sunday school. Visited 30 homes and reached out to 6 persons privately. 68 people reached by telephone. Preaching at 12 bus stops, evangelism in 2 buses. 3 pastoral visits, 1 hospital visit where 12 sick people were prayed for. 7 nights of prayer. 6 missions trips within the area. 1 campaign where 900 attended 36 were healed, 15 churches participated. 7 days of fasting and prayer: 48 souls redeemed. 5 pastors seminars. 2 conferences with 150 attendees including 4 churches, 15 pastors, 25 leaders. 1 presentation of a child.

Have not received reports from our other pastors who represent 15 churches.


  1. The Lord is providing for our ministry trip to the U.S. and SC.
  2. Emmy is getting healthier and healthier.
  3. Our pastors are dedicated and active in their churches and in outreach.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Complete and quick healing on my right wrist and arm. I fractured it three weeks ago.
  2. Complete healing on Emmy’s right knee. She slipped and fell yesterday. Also, for both her legs, because she pulled the muscles.
  3. That our lawyer and ministry pastor be able to resolve the situation with Emmy’s paperwork for her adoption.
  4. That our house will sell for the price we are asking and that it sell quickly.
  5. That God’s guardian angels are around Emmy protecting her while we are in the U.S.
  6. That the items we are selling including our microbus sell quickly to help us pay off debts.

7. That from now till the end of the year we are able to pay off all outstanding debt so that we can remove ourselves from the administration of Casa Mateo Missions House.

Sep 08

Great Report from Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda–

Number ministered to:  300,

Number saved:  2,


Praise GOD!!! In the last month I traveled to Tanzania with a brother from Texas. Got to minister the Gospel in Mbarara at two different churches. Holy Spirit was there and called a Muslim woman into the kingdom. Many came and received prayer. It is so wonderful to serve our Lord Jesus!

Got to minister to a family in Jinja and pray over their property and some things that were trying to interfere with the Lord’s work. As we were having fellowship and having a meal a neighbor came over and asked the Jesus to be Lord of his life.

I get to minister to demon possessed men and women in Masaka town from time to time. Everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I go up to these people and pray for them when I can and feed them, and show them the love of Jesus. HE came to set the captives free! Praise GOD!!! And I am Mulalu for Yesu (insane for Jesus)

One of these men that my wife and I have been ministering to for the last several years. He was delivered from a very angry spirit a few years ago, and we have been talking to him and praying with him for a long time… Just last week he let us get him clean clothes and clean him up and we took him to a church where he got to stay for three days, he asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. And he is in his right mind!!! Praise JESUS!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Now he is staying with us and his life is on the mend. I have a vision of John (that’s his name) preaching the Gospel in Masaka town- being a witness to our Lord’s sovereignty in this realm, to everyone that saw him and knew him before…

A few years ago when the Lord delivered him from that angry hateful demon even the Muslims were telling me to pray for him in Jesus name… I had already prayed for him and did not want to again. At that time John walked into the middle of the street and knelt down so I could pray for him… He has been on my heart since that time.

Please everyone pray for the Lord to continue the work HE has started in John’s life, to turn all of the things that the enemy has intended for evil in this man’s life to good for our Lord Jesus’s glory!!!

And our children (right now we have 80+ the number goes up and down), some of these children have gone through things that we can’t even imagine in the US… we get them from the streets and the police and the probation department (Uganda CPS) we don’t call it an orphanage even though some of these children will be with us until they have trades or complete school. We try to restore the families when we find out where the village is they are from… sometimes it is possible and sometimes not…

As the children stay and a lot of them are from Muslim families we teach them about Jesus and prayer (we definitely believe in prayer) the Holy Spirit starts healing them spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Prayer and lots of love! We are called Love and Care For All!!! Our website for the home is

Prayer Requests:

HalleluYAH!!! My wife is going to get her visa tomorrow from the US Embassy in Kampala. And my son is going to get his US passport in the next week. Please pray that the funds come in for this trip, haven’t scheduled the trip because we were not sure about my wife’s visa. We hope to visit by the end of November, I am having to reschedule my flight so that we will be able to fly together, and the cost is increasing. Please pray for the funding to come through. Our Lord is our source in all things!

Please pray for strength for me there is so much going on… I always am feeling tired. I am so thankful for all of the prayers, our prayers are so powerful.

Thank you everyone!

Love and Prayers,

Darren, Fatuma, James, and our children!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Sep 08

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary to Tasmania, Australia–

Number ministered to:  108;

This month was a month of continuing ministry in our two Good News Clubs, lunchtime group at Riverside, and a children’s church class I am working with of grades 1-2. I also got to go to Sheffield to help with two religious education classes that are being held in school there with a hope of being able to do some of Launceston one day. It is hard to find schools here interested in allowing that, but God is able. I have also continued to mentor the Grade 7 girl I was working with at a local school.


Children who are growing. They had such good questions yesterday in Good News Club.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for St. Lenoard’s Primary School and Waverly Primary School to have Good News Club soon.

Pray for more children in Good News Clubs

Pray for financial needs to continue to be met.

Sep 08

Arlene Reitz, TMCI Missionary to Guatemala-

Number ministered to:  19;

God is faithful, and I praise Him for bringing the women in to learn how to pray. We will continue on the path as the Lord leads. We ministered in the church though it is unfinished, we ministered to the women. We won’t have a tea in September as Guatemala will be celebrating their Independence Day on the 15th. The places is overrun with a kinds of preparations, then the actual set up goes on wor many days before and after the 15th and some of the roads are closed, and all roads are jammed with people coming into town to sell or buy.


Praising God that we had really good weather for our tea. It had been raining heavy for days before, but it cleared up and we were able to go and minister to the women in Xecam. Praising God that Bernice was able to come and help me on the field, especially in the office and with the Ladies Tea. The women are really open and eager to learning how to pray.

Prayer Requests:

I appreciate your prayers for complete healing. Fighting symptoms for some time with pain in left hip, joints and leg muscles. It makes it difficult to drive and stand for lengthy periods of time which makes it hard to minister, although I have done it for many months. Only God’s Grace strengthens me each time. I am going on in faith, but would like to be pain free again.

Also appreciate your prayers for Pastor Antonio and the church.

Thank you.

Sep 08

Bishop Emanuel Bawa, TMCI Pastor in Zimbabwe-

Number ministered to:  450;

Number  saved:  13;

Youth Conference (5-7 August) was successful as all our young people come together for the Annual Youth Conference.

Sunday 14 August we had a Big Sunday. This is the Sunday where all our branch churches in Zimbabwe come together for a service.


Praise the Lord, Mrs. Alapha Sibanda was blessed with a car.

Join us in prayer as we pray for:

1. Zimbabwe.

2. Waterfalls Building Project.

3. Women Conference 11-13 November.  Rev Cheryl Eaton she is the Conference Speaker..

Sep 06

Hannah Hunter, TMCI Missionary to Kenya-

Totals for the Month; Number ministered to: 35,

This month I hosted a fellow missionary to east Africa. She has work in Uganda and Kenya. We shared and encouraged each other as women leading ministries.

We also hosted a young woman who works for a federal agency in DC. She has been to Uganda and is looking to go back. She is planning to establish a foundation. She wants to build an orphanage and school. We are doing a seminar together which we are still working the logistics.

Had opportunity to sow into another ministry that is going to Israel in Sept. with rings of gold and silver sized for the Holocaust survivors. They will place them prophetically on their fingers to restore the wealth that was stolen during Holocaust.

Also my accountant has her daughter with 4 children (whose husband abandoned them earlier in the year) living in her renovated garage. A fire totally destroyed the home and everything in it. These young children- all under 8 saw this. We were able to give them a gift to assist them to get some things for school and clothes.

One of my spiritual sons came and helped me with my computers things- website updates, newsletter template, and generally just catch up with each other.

I spent 5 weeks teaching the men in my church on a Sunday AM during Sunday School hour. I was so blessed to encourage, share, and challenge. Most all of them serve so faithfully. It was a great privilege.

We had a good business board meeting with the restructured board. God is moving us in alignment with HIS purposes.

Have been doing some ministry altar when invited. Saw some miraculous answers to prayer as people unburdened hidden things. Also I was privileged to pray with our assistant pastor’s wife in her home as she is being released from cancer.


1)   GOD has raised up a working board who is stepping up to help with the vision of TSH. My pastor offered to give apostolic oversight and advise. A blessing I did not even think would come. Oh me of little faith.

2)  Volunteers who came to offer services for the seminar in September. We hope to raise enough for our missions. Am helping a younger missionary to get her foundation set up.

3)  GOD is moving in all our lives within my household as we plan a wedding and discuss what to do with the family homestead. HE is doing more of an internal work to push us from our comfort to HIS purposes.

4)  In conversation with the openly gay doctor I saw the demons waiting defensively to pounce. I did not give them that chance. His heart beats with mine for the people in the third world. We continue to share knowledge and connections.

5)  My neighbor Marlene with cancer listens and sees HIS love and care through our hands and feet. She has been getting such good reports when she has stage 4 bone cancer per doctor.

Prayer Requests:

1)  Got called for jury duty day before TMCI. My travel day. Requested release.

2)  Dan’s visa interview appt. not until end of October. Pray for HIS timing. He was going to leave for Kenya early November. Hard to do arrangements for his ticket and travel to coordinate with mine while in Kenya. We trust GOD for all the timing and HIS will and way.

3)  Doing a seminar with another missionary- Getting Unstuck end of September for women. GOD to bring those who need this.

4)  Continued prayer for son’s wedding and for selling of my house to them or we all just scatter and find our own places.

5)  HIS love to prevail as I am in conversation with an openly gay doctor who has resources for my work in Kenya. Balance love with how to utilize skills without defilement.

6)  Neighbor Marlene Smith who has bone cancer.

Sep 06

Joy Dodd and Jen Cook, TMCI Missionaries to Honduras-

Number  ministered to:  30,

In JTTN’s Bible Institute (BI) we are in 6 locations where the pastors wants to lead and be a part with their churches. JTTN stays connected with the elderly each quarter, visiting with supplies, and ministering in ways that show them love and kindness. And we love to net-work with other missionaries within the nations. Joy is receiving an individual that will travel with her from the US and prayer as she goes…her ministry is one of intercessory prayer and she hopes to bring a team in the 2017 year. So it is a scouting trip for her…Sept 4th through the 8th. Discipling of the kids in the Mountain Orphanage was done for the last 5 years and in the month of August, we brought formal closure to this ministry site with JTTN Board approval.

On-going administration/planning for a fall furlough stated in June of 2016 and Jen Cook is presently in PA furloughing and canvassing with individuals, couples, small groups. Joy Dodd begins her furlough 2nd week of Sept. starting in VA/D.C. with friends of the ministry. JTTN Missionaries, Joy and Jen are looking forward to attending the fall conference in September in S.C. with TMCI. Joy and Jen have increased time as a team with being in the Word studying together and also soaking in His Presence and receiving words, picture visions, direction relative to life and ministry/calling. We are grateful for Divine downloads from Heaven as we navigate ministry and life with Him in the lead as a team of missionaries in the foreign field.


That we continue to be in the right place, at the right time, around the right people, doing the right things, with right heart attitudes, yielding right results, Amen and Amen! That we stay open and sensitive to His heart and timing on seasonal changes in ministry, never tiring of change as adjustments and divine tweaks are made on a regular basis. That we continue hearing Him and not miss a single thing that He has for each team member and the JTTN team and Board as a whole.

Prayer Requests:

For continued excellent health and breakthrough in areas of our lives. More clarity inprophetic dreams and ALL demonic “static” to be eliminated in His Name. Absence of strife, contention, friction as we talk through many things spiritually and physically and as the JTTN president keeps the vision before the rest of the administrative team. For continued wisdom as we need to walk out ministry in His timing with in the various projects. *For a “spirit of longevity” as we navigate the seasons in our personal and team lives. That we keep in step with His timing and make any future ministry moves spiritually and geographically, at the proper Kairos moment. That we exercise great wisdom and great grace and that He keeps us pure, blameless and holy according to Scripture as we walk closely with the Lord. Amen and Amen. Thank you!!

Aug 26

Walking on the Word Ministries, Wilson’s in the Dominican Republic

wilson header

A Lot of Change At Home…


wilson photoOur daughter, Mae, graduated from HS in June.  We were blessed to have Chris’ mom come and share this event with us.  It is hard to believe that after 12 years of homeschooling, along with a combination of LVCS the last 3 years, that our girl is headed out into the world of college and ministry of her own.  After much prayer and waiting she was accepted into Atlanta Leadership College, Master’s Commission Program, in Norcross, GA.  What an amazing and wonderful way to start adulthood.  She will be attending classes and ministering at the same time.  She will also be learning more about Christ and how to share His love with others.  We are so amazed at the heart for ministry that God has cultivated in her.  These last 3 years as a missionary in the Dominican Republic has helped seal that desire in her.  Currently she is in the US staying with Chris’ mom and working two part-time jobs to earn money toward her schooling.  If you would like to know more about the program that she will be attending you can go to and learn all about this amazing program.  During her first year at ALC she will be going to school, seeking the Lord’s desires for her life, doing a lot of ministry in downtown Atlanta and with her church.  She will also be taking a longer term missions trip in February either overseas or in another city in the U.S.  She is working to help pay for her schooling, but she is also stepping out in her faith to make this happen.  If you would like to help with her schooling or her missions trip in February you can either go to her ‘go fund me’ page here or the ALC payment page here (note: if you give through the ALC page all your donations are tax deductible).  For ALC, you do not have to sign in, just use the drop down box and choose “2016-17 1st year tuition,” fill in your information, and choose Christina Mae Wilson from the drop down box.  All funds received, whether through Go Fund Me or ALC will be used for her tuition and missions trip.  Gifts of any size will be a huge blessing for her.  Thank you for your love for Mae and helping her develop into the woman God desires.

As For Us…

As for the two of us, we are now living as empty nest, full-time missionaries.  We have decided after much prayer, talking, balancing out pro’s and con’s, and seeking the will of God that we will remain here in the Dominican Republic for at least one more year.  We have added on responsibilities this year since the long time missionaries that we work closely with are on furlough.

Doug will be the interim pastor at El Puente, the coffee house/church program that was started a year and a half ago.  This will be something new for him and will stretch his faith even more.  He is also looking to teach an adult English class at LVCS.  Please pray for both of these areas as they are relatively new areas for him.  He will also continue helping Mitch and Debbie, from afar, with the administrative areas while they are out of the country.

Chris will continue teaching at LVCS.   She will continue her morning classes and be teaching an intermediate English class to middle school and high school students in the afternoon.  This has been something that she has grown to love more each day.  She also will continue teaching private English lessons to a sweet 7 year old girl who has won her heart.  Please pray for Chris as she shares God’s love and his word with this family.  They are not Christians but seem to be open to Him, we pray that one day soon they will  come to know the Lord as theirs.

Prayer Points:


  1. Please pray for Mae as she heads off for Atlanta at the end of September.
  2. Please pray for La Vega Christian School as they begin a new year. Also pray for the kids that they would see their need for Jesus.
  3. Please pray for El Puente International Church. Pray for God’s direction for this ministry and ideas on how to reach out to the college kids in the area.
  4. Please pray for wisdom for Doug as he sets out to teach the adult English class in the afternoon.
  5. Please pray for Mae’s finances (and donate) as she heads off to school.

6. Please pray for our finances as well.  You would be surprised how far a miscellaneous offering can go to fill in the gaps.

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