Nov 28

From Bishop Bawa in Zimbabwe

Dear Bishop Coulter,

I trust I find you well.

I returned to Zimbabwe 25 October a week before our 7th Anniversary celebrations. The celebrations went on very well. We are thankful to God that ICM is growing day by day month by month and year by year.

The church was highly blessed with the coming of Rev. Cheryl Eaton and Rev. Joe Warner. During the meetings the Holy Spirit was so strong, many miracles took place. People living with HIV and other sickness were healed, sight restored, some filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues.

Hopely: I will pick one case, a lady who had double problems eye sight and walking problem. Her legs could not fit in her shoes because they were swollen up, which resulted in her failing to walk. After prayer she started seeing properly, her legs were healed and started walking well. She testified the following day in the service and she testified again during the women’s conference of the greatness of God.

Muda: we went visiting in the village, two elderly gentleman who both could not walk without  using a walking stick, were both healed and throw away their walking sticks. Glory to God!

Women’s Conference:  The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong. People were filed with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues. This particular girl started speaking in tongues and would not stop she went on and on.  A number of people were delivered from demonic manifestation. Cheryl touched many women’s life through counseling and a prophetic word. A lot of them who were emotional broken down left the conference rejoicing hope was restored.

Chicken Game:  It was the first time of our people to play it, at first they were not sure and hesitant participate but at the end they enjoyed it so much they want it back next year.

Picking a scriptures:   God used it to speak to too many women who testified that what the scripture was saying is the truth in their lives.

On behalf ICM we are very thankful to TMCI for the support.

Thank you

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

Nov 25

UfaBible Ministries–Stan Karpenko- Russia

UfaBible Ministries

Spanning continents for Christ


It’s always exciting to come to the beginning of the month and look back at all

that God has done since our last letter. At the same time we realize that we have

to be short and concentrate on the highlights. Weather-wise, right now it is 10

degrees Fahrenheit with the prediction of -3 F tonight. Snow has been around for

two weeks. The chilly thing about the house we live in is that the management

company is going to replace all the pipes in our five story house, both water and

sewage. Will take several days to complete during which will be no water and

sewage. So we prepare ourselves to live without water and sewage for a few

days in the middle of low temperatures! Looks surreal.


A few months ago we asked you to pray for a person named Ruslan. He is former

drug addict, freed by the Lord. For months we have been praying about

discernment as to which capacity he needs to serve. This Wednesday he is going

to gather a group of former drug addicts for the first time. Some were freed from

the bondage of drugs and live in this freedom but not attending church. Some

were freed but now back in that bondage of sin. Could you raise in prayer this

brother in Christ and this endeavor that he will be able to lead many and be a

godly leader for them.


Prayer Requests:

As we always try to make our prayer letter personal, this time we want to ask

you to pray for a girl named Aliya. She comes from Tatar (Muslim) background.

She is reading the Bible now and asking sometimes deep meaningful questions

about Christ and his work. Would you raise her in prayer with us as well? I would

say she is pretty close to being saved. We also know that Satan is always trying

to steal such seeking souls when they are very close. Pray for spiritual

enlightenment as she reads God’s Word. That she would see Christ as the only


Please keep us in your prayers as we are going to have workshop for leaders this

Saturday. This is always a special time in our ministry where we seek the Lord

and develop plans that help us to stay on the critical path and do high value

activities. Pray that the leaders may attend without hindrance as some of them

will be traveling from afar.

Thank you to all who keep in contact and encourage us along the way. We would

like to say thank you for all you have done for our family. Thank you for your

participation in the gospel here in Bashkortostan.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries (UBM)

518 Green Ave SW

Massillon, OH 44647

Nov 22

From Doug and Chris Wilson, TMCI Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Keeping Busy…



It has been a very busy few months for us.  Chris is currently in charge of the English department at La Vega Christian School while the person who usually has that position is out of the country for a few months.  She is also teaching English classes after school to some children in the neighborhood.  She is usually too busy to help out at any of the Haitian after school programs that we are involved with on varying degrees but she enjoys helping whenever she has a chance.  As you can see, she enjoyed helping the kids with a craft project one day.  Doug is keeping busy with Pastoring El Puente International Church, preaching at other churches, and helping tutor in the afternoons at La Vega Christian School.  He is also going out to a few of the Haitian ministries every week and keeping up with the accounting of these projects so they can continue educating these young children giving them a chance for their future.

Update on Mae:

mae-wilsonMae has been established at Atlanta Leadership College.  ALC is not college in the traditional sense.  It is a Christian leadership training and discipleship school for young people seeking the Lord’s will for their lives.  They take a few core college classes, but their focus is on ministry and discipleship.  As part of her experience this year she is required to be a part of a mission trip in February.  The school has many different trips available and Mae has been chosen to take part in the trip to Nicaragua.  As part of this opportunity she needs to raise $1775 in order to take part in this trip.  You can read more about this trip to Nicaragua by clicking here.  To help out with her expenses for this trip you can go to this link, click on “Give to Nicaragua,” and follow the instructions.  All gifts to help her with the trip are tax deductible.  As of the time of sending this out she is only in need of around $500.  Thank you so much for those of you that have helped her financially and are praying for her.

Please Pray for the Dominican Republic:

We have been experiencing a lot of rain in recent weeks here in the DR.  This has caused heavy flooding in many areas of the country including some of the areas we work in, especially the Los Rieles neighborhood.  As of this writing there have been at least 8 houses lost to the Camu River in this area.  We have been working with some other local missionaries, as well as other churches, alongside Pastor Gemuel Delgado to help feed, clothe, and provide emergency needs to this poor community.  His church has also been a refuge for at least 15 families during the flooding.

Please continue to pray for us:

doug-wilsonWe have had a few financial struggles over the last few months.  We are in need of about $3000 to make up for some shortfalls.  In late September we had 3 different expenses at our house back in the US.  The expenses equaled the rent so we did not receive any rent payments in October.  It is a blessing that they were able to wait and take it out of the rent  but, again, we had to come up with the money for the mortgage payment.  Also in October we had a few problems with our car that needed to be taken care of.  This was a real strain on our finances here and we still owe the mechanic around $35.  We have also fallen a little behind on Mae’s tuition and, as everyone knows, insurance costs will be going up next year.  We still don’t know how much that will be.  It feels like we are constantly asking (and praying) for money.  If 50 to 80 people looking at this newsletter would commit to just $10 a month for the next year or two then we wouldn’t have to ask and we would be able to help out some others that are in need of help also.  Thank you for praying about this and considering helping out.

NOTE:  If you shop online you can help Walking On The Word Ministries by your shopping.  You can use these two links (  ( to shop online and we will receive a percentage of your purchase without you having to do a thing. These links can be used all year long.


Other Prayer Requests and Praises:

  1. Thank you for praying for Mae. She has done a great job with being on her own for the first time. She is also really enjoying her time at ALC.

  2. The ministry at El Puente is going well. Please continue to pray for this new ministry as we continue to work with it.

  3. We will be working with Velvet Sommer with Missions Beyond handing out Christmas shoe boxes at the Haitian school projects. Pray that the kids will be blessed by the outpouring of love at Christmas.


Walking On The Word Ministries · 100 Airport Ave. · c/o Agape Flights STI 27367 · Venice, FL 34285 · USA

Nov 21

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:   400.

Number saved:  12.

Normal church activities this month: Classes at the Timothy School, Cell Group, Prayer Service, Sunday worship services, Timothy Club, Boys Basketball Group, Mercy Ministry, etc., as well as a Parenting dinner/conference for the community.


Our church had a dinner/conference about parenting in October which sold out with an attendance of over 200 people, primarily to non-believers and people who do not belong to our church.

Prayer Requests:

As we update the procedures for integration of visitors and new believers into the church body, may God give us wisdom and His strategies for this season of our church’s life.

In the Dominican Republic it has been raining daily for weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially along the north coast, have been displaced from their homes. We pray for God’s care & provision for all of their needs in this difficult time.

Personally, the house we moved into in August is full of filtration that is seeping up from the foundation on all the walls around the house due to so much moisture, causing mold & mildew all over. We are praying that God provide a different house for us to rent as the filtration can cause sickness, especially for our kids. Jehovah Jireh, may God provide…



Nov 21

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary in Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  400.

Number saved:  5.

Pastor Leo continues to teach sports as well as Bible this school year at the church’s school for at-risk kids; Timothy School. Normal ministry activities, two Sunday worship services, Cell group, Alpha Group and prayer service on Thursday nights, Timothy Club on Saturdays, counseling, mercy ministry, etc.


We have been updating the way in which we provide follow up and discipleship with new believers in our church and have begun a group meeting time with them each Thursday before the prayer service. After beginning this group, the next Sunday, various people accepted the Lord. Also, God has opened a door for our students (at-risk kids) at the Timothy School to receive English classes at a language school here in our town; this is an answer to prayer!

Prayer Requests

We are praying for mature brothers and sisters to be willing to come alongside us to help serve the new believers that God is adding to our congregation.

Personally: in the midst of busyness and never ending needs of the people, may the Lord help us to maintain balance and priorities (1- personal relationship with God, 2- marriage, 3- family, 4- ministry & others).

Nov 21

Special Report from Russia- Bishop Phil Faraone

Hi Bishop Bob,

I have made you wait for this report because it had be translated into English.

In Pastor Michael’s church we did 6 services in three days; one on Friday night, three on Saturday and two Sunday.

WE prayed for three to four hundred people at the Saturday and Sunday services and the Holy Spirit never lifted, the anointing stayed with us and minister to every person that came for prayer. What a wonderful time we had in this church.

The other two churches were smaller, but God moved their also.

Here are few testimonies from our church in city of Saratov: Pastor Michael.

Aleksander. He had problems with his spine (it was so bad that he could hardly walk) and was planned to go to hospital just before the meetings. After the prayer he was able to bend over and straighten up. He was lifting his legs to his chest and walking correctly.

Dmitriy. Fatty tumour that he had for years was gone right after the prayer. He sat trying to find it and it was gone.

Irina. Shewas healed from a deep depression and dejection.

Elya. She was diagnosed with nervious and blood vessel distony. She often had her head spinning and was losing consciousness. She was healed completely and doesn’t have symptoms any more.

Gelendzhik Church. Pastor Anya; only two services in one day because of very high winds which delayed the airplane one day.


Below from Natasha my interpreter who translated this from Russian.

Below is the translation of a letter from Polina, Roman’s wife, with testimonies of God’s work during the ministry you had there.


Dear pastor Phil I’m very grateful to the Lord for your open heart and ministry of the Lord that flows through you. I believe that after the meetings our children’s ministry as well as adult’s will be supernatural and God will help us go deeper in knowing our Lord.

I also see changes in my daughter Julie (12 years old). She started to read Bible in the mornings and evenings, sometimes during the day. And once when I came into the room she was dancing with flags praising the Lord!

I feel that Lord renewed my prayer and my thirst of God. He became my #1! I want Him to be on the first place in my life and in my family. God also healed me from bronchitis and also tight-bone joint. I send my greetings to your family and to Deborah. May the Lord extend your ministry and bless you with all the blessings. Polina. Roma sends his greetings to you.


Also there are few more testimonies from people in the church.

“Praise the Lord for His care and love for the church. And it is great to know that God wants His church to be supernatural church and His children live in supernatural things of God. Very grateful to the Lord for a deep teaching.”

“Slava Demetskiy got a confirmation from the Lord to go and study in the semenary in Moscow” (24 Hours away by car)

His wife Tanya was healed from (thyroid problems) in Belorechensk during the school of Holy Ghost results.” (Oct 2015)

“A lady in our church had so much worries and was very troubled about many things and couldn’t stop worrying. First words God spoke to them were “there are no reasons for troubles and worries” and she testified later that Lord filled her with supernatural peace.”

“Another couple had a problem with selling their car, because there was a serious problem with engine. And when potential buyers were informed about it they would turn and walk away.

The evening you prayed for them God spoke that He makes them rich. And of course this word has a wider meaning, but the same evening the car was sold.”

Two more people were healed from headaches and elderly lady was healed in her elbow joint.

We give all the glory to the Lord!

And we pray and believe that you will follow and trust the Lord even more.

Thank you very much dear brother Phil. You are such a close friend to us. And anointing of the Father flows from you. Thank you very much”.


Sochi on Black Sea.

Sister Deborah ministered two services to the women which were very strong.  All the ladies had a wonderful time. I hope she will be able to go back with me to Russia in the future.

No report from here except two things that I know the Lord did.

God spoke to me and said to pay all the bills of one family.  I asked Natasha my interpreter how much she would think that is.  She said $500.00.  Deborah and me put our money together and called this family up.  Told them what God said about paying their bills and also that this would be a breakthrough for them from this time forward.

The second thing is that God kept saying to this church that change was coming.  He said it several times.

Four days after getting back home to Georgia I call Natasha and she was at the church office packing.  Their church hall and office had been taken from them since the owner of the building had a larger business moving in who would need their space.

She informed me that pastor was out looking for a new location for the church.  This happens quiet often across Russia with different churches who have not been able to buy land and build their own church.


I ended up going out 7 times in 2016 and am now enjoying some home time with just the church.  I thank the Lord that my people back me and uphold me and the church when I am out.

I would ask you to be praying with me for the coming year and for a proper schedule of new events.  The Holy Spirt has moved very strong in all my meetings.  To Father, Son and Holy Spirit be all the glory and the thanksgiving.

I am very thankful for TMCI and all the backup and help that you all have given me.

I think the new year holds great things for all of us who are willing to obey The Lord and walk in His light with Him.

God Bless You,


Bishop Phil Faraone



Nov 18

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary to Australia’s Tasmania

Number ministered to:  95.

October was a time to finish up our TCE course. Now students are involved in their field experiences with real children. Also, we have our regular Good News Clubs ongoing along with a new one that started this month at St. Leonards Primary School. I attended the CEF National Conference in Sydney. There I was able to share a little of what God is doing in Launceston, Tasmania. I was also able to visit the Good News Club of a friend there in Sydney.


We got a great start to our Good News Club at St. Leonards Primary School! The Teaching Children Effectively course went well with students now eager to start ministering to children with the Gospel message!

Prayer Requests:

Pray for an upcoming opportunity to share the Christmas story with 200 children at a government school. Pray for children at St. Leonards Primary Good News Club to receive the Gospel

Nov 15

A Little Kneeology…… Matthew 6:10 (NLT) “……. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10 (NLT) “……. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”      As Jesus answered the disciple’s question as to how to pray, He emphasized the need to pray for God’s will to be done, but what is God’s will? To know His will requires us to invest a certain amount of intimate time with God, in His Word and through prayer. This brings up the question, “How often do you pray to know God’s will versus just praying for your will to be done?”  I wonder for those of us who are involved in various ministries just how often do we really spend time in asking the will of God for His ministries to which we have been called to manage?  By the same token, if our lives have been surrendered to God, how often do we ask His will for our lives? We are quick to convey our will and needs in our prayers to the Lord, but how often do we meditate on the will of God, how often do we ask what is His will for our lives, or even for the day?  I am reminded of a recent conversation with a pastor that was telling me all the plans he had for his new church and ministry.  After about twenty minutes of blowing and going, I asked, “Have you asked God what is His will for His ministry that He has given over to you to manage?  His reply was, “Oh, I know what has to be done because I have planned this all out for a long time and know exactly what I want to do.”  Consequently, that is most often the case with most, our will and plans, our ownership of that which we really don’t own at all.  “On earth as it is in heaven” speaks of God’s sovereignty, His will throughout and over all creation and especially those who are defined by His name.  It speaks of an attitude of spirit and heart, an attitude of obedience in living out His will in our daily lives as people of the Kingdom.  Being within His will is the key to a genuine in an intimate relationship with God, the desire to remain in His will in all that we do and are about.  Amen?

NOTW, Bro. Mike

Nov 15

Report and Important Prayer request from Doug and Chris Wilson

Douglas and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  100.

We continued with our normal ministry schedule: Teaching, Pastoring, and keeping schools financed. We had Bob and Trisha Koo come through last month and they were a blessing to have in our home. They ministered at a few places in Santiago and La Vega while they were with us. They then drove around the country and ministered in Santo Domingo. They were an incredibly anointed couple and a joy to have here.


Chris has picked up more classes teaching English. Our daughter, Mae, adjusted well to her new environment at school. We had Bob and Trisha Koo come through and it was a blessing to be a part of the ministry they did here in the La Vega area.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for the rain to stop. Please pray for those in the Dominican Republic that have been flooded because of all the rain. There are many areas that have been flooded including Los Rieles in La Vega and parts of Puerta Plata in the north.

Please continue to pray for our finances. We need a $3000 miracle.

Nov 11

Miroslav and Jana Venc, TMCI Missionaries in The Czech Republic

Number ministered to: 11.

We are facilitating weekly home groups and  preparing teaching and preaching. We also do street personal evangelism and have Sunday’s meetings with prayer.

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